Lycanthrope Lunacy Sequence by Adaru32

Lycanthrope Lunacy Sequence by

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Muscle Growth

A little something just for fun. I would've livestreamed myself doing this but wanted to keep this a surprise. If you've guessed what's happening here, yes it is me transforming into a werewolf. This was an idea of mine I've had since my mid teen years, but the original scenario, sequence, and dialogue was much-much different compared to what's happening here.

In the original idea, it would've started off with me injecting the formula into my system, and I would talk to myself about what's happening in most of the sequence. Even confessing to myself about how "mildly insane" I am for what it is I've just done, heheheh. There was no context on how I obtained the formula, it just went straight to the injection. It also wasn't as graphic with the fang and claw formations, and as I'm transforming I would have surprised and exerting expressions in the entire sequence instead of pained ones. The dialogue bit was also pretty obnoxious and strange. I guess some ideas are better left to have long wait times instead of just being thrown out there instantly.

Anyway, it was a bit of a pain doing this 'cause I kept changing my mind on how my inner and outer dialogues would play out. Even sorting the images a specific way was tricky, and I've had to rework some images from the ground-up due to changing my mind on what I wanted them to look like.

But overall, I had a lot of fun with this and am proud with the outcome. I can also thank my Ko-Fi supporters for letting me get this out there.

I even made a video about this with audio -

And another version without the inner monologue -

Done on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.

Fonts for wording are from 1001FreeFonts.

Shirt design comes from Vecteezy.

Original wolf tattoo design by ThePioden on Deviantart.

Original skull ear tattoos by Jiji Beland.