My 1st Dog Creature TF Scene (Includes Bloody Version) by Adaru32

My 1st Dog Creature TF Scene (Includes Bloody Version) by

Date: 11/23/2020 Views: 9614 Favorites: 17 Comments: 0

Multiple Characters
Muscle Growth

This was something that was in the making since 2018, and wasn't till earlier this year that I got around to finishing it.

This is supposed to be a scene where I transform into a dog creature (Dubbed as the Monster Dog for now) for the first time in a story of mine (Which still doesn't have a title).

I’m supposed to be a side character, while the Keanu Reeves-looking dude (He’s wasn’t meant to look like him by the way...I love Keanu Reeves but I’m mad that after colouring him he ended up looking a lot like him, lol) is the main protagonist of the story. He’s my OC Darius.

Drawn on Sai with an Intuos Medium Pro tablet.

Coloured on Sai with the tablet and a mouse.

Tattoo design done by ThePioden on Deviantart (I actually have that tattoo IRL).