Grabbing Life By The Horns by Zilepo

Grabbing Life By The Horns by

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Second hand shops can have all sorts of interesting pieces of literature. Generally the older they are, the more sketchy they can be, but I've always been a fan of greek mythology, and there was an old art book purporting to have interesting spells hidden throughout the greek art section. I bought it on a whim and was skimming through the pages when I came across some interesting phrases that had something to do with satyrs. I was musing aloud as I read and... well, it turns out it was a spell book after all! I wonder how I'm gonna explain this one...

Super excited for my first upload here! I specialize in photomanipulation art so expect a stream of these over the next little while as I upload some of my older gallery pieces here.

This one is based on a piece by Ageaus, which can be found here: