Suddenly..... by Wuffy23

Suddenly..... by

Date: 8/25/2014 Views: 8953 Favorites: 75 Comments: 3

Ripped Clothing


Lol flat colour commission for Ace Shep over on FA who was the lucky winner of my recent free art raffle :3

Ive been wanting to do a proper tailsplosion for a while and this one worked out nicely lol :p Looks like Ace has had quite a shock at his current situation, Or it could be that those jeans were quite expensive >.>

*Sigh* its not easy being a were animal :3


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*Le Gasp!* A Tailsplosion! My absolute favorite, easily the best part of ANY TF, really wish I could be lucky enough that it would happen to me :P

So wait... if he's a were-creature, can you bite me... Please!? Just a little nip? I won't mind, really!! (the tailsplosion included in each transformation, right!? :D Please say yes.)


Lol I couldent agree more an I sure once hes over the shock hed be all too happy to spread the love :p


The world should have more tailsplosions.