THe amazing frogger man by Wrathofautumn

THe amazing frogger man by

Date: 4/12/2010 Views: 13871 Favorites: 17 Comments: 6


First frog tf! Oooooooooh *takes a guitar out and starts singing* Frogger Man, Frogger man, does whatever a froggerman does. Can he sling from a wall? No, he cen't, he's a frog. Look ouuuuuuut, it's the frogger man! C'mon kiddies! Yeeehaw!


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No, no. A _real_ froggerman would be hopping across a freeway and crossing a river using a series of dangerous floating logs. :)




Hey, its spiderm... Oh no... IV'E SAID TOO MUCH!


to me as when i look at this,I look at it and wonder and think oh wow frogger got lost


froger man froger man does what ever a froger man does can he leap from a ledge yes he can cuse he is a frog look out here comes a froger man