Stay On The Path by Wrathofautumn

Stay On The Path by

Date: 4/4/2010 Views: 13962 Favorites: 78 Comments: 12

Cursed Location

There's an old saying when you cross through Will-O-Wisp Woods to always stray on the path of Man. There comes a point where a fork splits along the way, not well known and not well seen but not well hidden. On one path the path is laden with pine leaves and the other is covered with wodden figures looking like bowling pins. Did this man take the path of needles or the path of pins? Either way, he strayed off the path, finding himself paying the consequences. While he changes and shrinks, the forest watches him with a thousand eyes. What of you, traveller? Will you stay on the path, take the path of needles, or the path of pins?


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Nice. The transformee gets sort of obscured by the linework for the grass and the ground, but that actually fits the setting nicely.


Which path to pick... I'm on pins and needles.


Phaedrus: Thank you, Phaedrus. That was the feel I was going for with this pic actually. A sort of obscured view of things as everything gets muddled to together. Also, Manakoro, there are three paths to take actually. The safe path of the humans will take you where you want to go, but nothing exciting will happen if you do that. The path of needles is a path which you'll often find things that help you but not others. The path of pins is a path that helps others, but not so much yourself. It's all up to you where you want to go from there. x)


I noticed on the description you say "you must always stray on the path of Man." Did you mean that to be ironic? Must be Fate again...


That saying's from a version of Little Red Riding Hood, right? The bit about pins and needles? Has someone been playing 'The Path' or something?


gui-bio FUK OFF his art is awsome if you dont like it dont look at it but dont stifle his artistic genius he's a great artist and you should show some respect! (that was a bit kiss-assy lol but i really like his art and people shouldnt bad mouth it..)


is that a bra or sunglasses? sersly tho gr8 art!


It's an interesting and detailed sketch, but I'm unsure what species he's meant to be. The "pins and needles" part suggests porcupine/hedgehog, but that might be a foxy tail or a raccoon mask. Some clearer sign would help. The story you gave reminds me of Russian fairy tales, something about "ride left and your horse will die but you will live..."


solid artwork but the lore is what caught me. I wager I'd go with pins, no doubt about it; never been very good at sociopathy and slitting throats in life, to the point where I seemed sorta "tractor-beamed" in that direction. I have to wonder then, what would happen to me in this forest, on that path... at least I would be used to the way of life already, and I think I could enjoy this sort of "interesting";) The nature of the art in look and in lore reminds me heavily of fay lore, though I'm ashamed to admit a strong amount of it comes from Changeling, the Fey oriented RPG , and Eala Dubhs fey mix of transformation.


@ Wrathofautumn: Yeah, I noticed that you mentioned three paths in the image description. I'd probably go with pins; I don't enjoy prospering at another's expense, and just taking the safe road is a bit dull, huh?


Man I missed your work wrath!!! this is epic !!!!


I would take mo.