Through skin and feathers by Wrathofautumn

Through skin and feathers by

Date: 2/11/2009 Views: 14911 Favorites: 37 Comments: 4


"She was so madly in love with him, she swore she would be with him through sickness and health, through wealth and poverty...of course, this test of love may seem a bit much, but she's always dreamed of flying. Couldn't have picked a better place to elope than out in Michigan, near an uncharted river." Not the best drawing I've ever done, but having gotten a tad bit rusty, this is the best I could manage in several hours.


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Thanks again for entering my contest. It looks awesome and I love the story behind it.


Background is a bit cheesey and excessive bro. But it's pretty cool


I prefer the term half-assed, myself. But I suppose it's better than nothing.


I thought robins were brown and red... lol.