Mutant by Wrathofautumn

Mutant by

Date: 9/6/2007 Views: 21996 Favorites: 54 Comments: 5


Ah, this is from an original series of mine, Mutant 59(hosted on Comicgenesis). Sierra Jackson, Neo-american citizen and UEF Spy, was sent to Neo-Greece to investigate a program called "Project Resurrection." Unfortunately, she was caught, despite her training, and is now becoming a part of the experiments. A grecian soldier inquires his next orders as she changes into, as the scientists called it, her "True Self"


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Very well drawn! Is the UEF related to the United Earth Federation from Supreme Commander? :)


Is this an extract of your comic, or a non-caon side story image?


Reminded me kinda of my own drawing-style, with the only difference that your characters look better :P


drawn very well it is.


Hehe. I've never heard of Supreme Commander, but that's what it stands for. XP Hehe, not a very original name is it? And as for your question, Inchide, this is a non-canon side story image, explaing a bit of Sierra's origins.