Eltirth The Gryphon Part Two by Wrathofautumn

Eltirth The Gryphon Part Two by

Date: 6/28/2011 Views: 9101 Favorites: 21 Comments: 1


The same story continued, inspired by that same dream.

Fully changed into a gryphon, he turns his back from his old friend and looks outward beyond the trees, sulking about his condition. So what if the eggs were saved? What about him? He'd been turned into a freak!

Nienor, ashamed of what she brought Eltirith into, does her best to console the former Sindorei. She swears to him that she will find a way, whatever possible, to make sure he'll change back. In the meantime, though, she would do everything to take care of him, as though he were one of her own companions. Will he trust the word of a Queldorei on this?


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