Run Duma Run! by Wrathofautumn

Run Duma Run! by

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Run Duma Run!

Run Duma Run!


This was inspired by an episode of Phineas and Ferb called "Run, Candace, run!" You know, for a show that boasts how these two kids are going to all the coolests stuff before the summer is over, they have still yet to do a TF episode! Every show has at least one. But I digress. The episode is about how Phineas and Ferb develop shoes that will let them run proportionately to that of a cheetah. And I'm just thinking...that would make an awesome TF! TF by running! :3

So here's a dude running his way and tfing into a cheetah in the process. Yayness! I hope you'll all enjoy it.

Song from the show:


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They need a tf in that show, i'd watch it more then


run forest, run


The closest they got was Phineas as a centaur in Isabella's dream sequence.


Does mind swap count as TF? not really sure... There was one where Candace switched brains with Perry, but thats about it.


Ooo, I remember that one. The boots even had 4 toe spots on the soles and one on the heel (like yours do, I just noticed). They were Unstable Prototypes, how much more incentive do they need?


I want that .