U is for Utahraptor by Witchfiend

U is for Utahraptor by

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....She rushed into a cubicle, grateful that it was clean at least, but when she expected to throw up, she instead felt her jaw distend as if her mouth was pulling apart. Eyes watering, she couldn't imagine what was happening to her face, and she was relieved when the pain finally stopped. Panting her mouth felt strange, as if there was suddenly more space inside. The way her tongue could curl inside unnerved her, but when used it to feel along the outside, she was shocked to feel that in place of her pearly white teeth were sharp fangs that were more spaced out across her jaw.

The sensations were there, yet it felt all wrong. She knew she had to find a mirror: she needed to see exactly what had happened to her face.

Stepping out of the cubicle, she brushed at her blue jersey. While she ignored her lengthening finger nails at first, her attention was drawn to her legs instead. They looked strangely bigger and muscular under her short skirt. She reached down to touch one, surprised when caught something barbed poking out from her skin. She was tempted to pull it out like a thorn, but it hurt even more to try that. The more she looked, the more of these she could see, moss green in colour, and growing in patches they covered her soft skin like scales. But from the texture alone, she was reminded more of a birds feathers, with a quill raised like long grass in a meadow.

She took a few steps towards the sink, feeling a tightness in her trainers. When she looked at the mirror, she wanted to scream, but as she opened her mouth she could only look in horror at how much it had changed. Her tongue was worm-like now, and the way it clicked made a chill run down her spine. Her nose had broadened out and pushed forward. Her nostrils were at the front of a new muzzle that was covered in green scales. Her eyes darted around but then she could see that the white of her panicked eyes had turned a jaundice yellow.

She reached up to feel this new mouth with one hand, but she nearly scratched herself with one of her new talons. Looking at both hands she could see that they resembled a bird of prey's more than a human. A raptor, she thought, then she thought of the feathers, and remembered all the stories in the papers of how dinosaur experts had got it wrong years ago. She herself had asked her rep whether there were dinosaurs with feathers. She could hardly remember what he said? She could barely think straight for that matter.

She took a few steps back and her heart sank when she heard the start of many rips from down below. The first was her shoes. The pressure had been building for so long, yet she wasn't prepared for how big the claws were on her feet as they tore through leather like paper. There, on what was formerly her toe was the infamous big claw that marked out the raptors, and she felt a strange sensation as she made claw retract and strike the ground, grazing the soft stone and leaving great scratches in its place. The shoes fell apart, revealing brown scales that contrasted with the green.

As she found her legs fell into a digitigraded stance, so too did she become aware of the tail that had tipped up her skirt. She felt it whip the air as it grew longer and longer, and as she reached to feel it, she was surprised to find that it too was covered in feathers, at least for the top half anyway.

She glanced back at the reflection; her face was barely recognisable now. Her delicate skin was now covered entirely in scales and the muzzle had grown forward, creating a rectangular shape from her the tip of her nose to her hairline. She licked her scaled lips, again hearing the strange clicking that came from her scaled throat.

Her eyes followed the scales down her neckline to her chest, and while the baseball jacket was concealing many of the changes underneath, she could feel how tight the outfit was over her growing frame. At once there was a reluctance to ruin her favourite top, especially as her claws were already making marks in solid stone. Only when it became too difficult to breathe did she try to undo the buttons, finding that many simply snapped when her claws were applied.

The baseball top fell to the floor, her shirt and bra gave way, and Mika found herself naked on the bathroom floor, her scaled and feathered body now exposed. She breathed in through her new nostrils, feeling the refreshing air conditioning all over. If her nipples weren't already hardened scales they would have turned hard then and there. She tasted the air, picking through the antiseptic smells and the perfume, she could smell meat...

A small excerpt for the story connected with this picture. The full version can be found here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/16967664/

From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.