K is for Kentrosaurus by Witchfiend

K is for Kentrosaurus by

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Ripped Clothing

The old phrase 'never judge a book a book by its cover' came to mind when Dr Marie Cooper introduced her test subject to the dinosaur petting zoo. The subject in question was one Juno Kerner, a girl in her early 20s who's punkish attire made her seem standoffish. Dr Cooper had dreaded taking this subject on at first, but as the conversation began, she soon learned that Juno had a genuine interest in dinosaurs that went beyond the childhood fantasies that most kids had.

"Dad was a palaeontologist. I don't think in a million years he would have imagined seeing a dinosaur in the flesh like this…" she was kneeling down, getting a closer look at one of the curious little stegosauruses that were in the pen.

"Genetics has come a long way, what you're seeing is the forefront of our de-extinction campaign." Cooper replied, coming up to Juno's side with her note pad by her side, "You can pet them too if you like; they're perfectly tame."

Juno couldn't resist, there was a look of child-like wonder on her face as she stroked under the chin and across the face of the little stegosaurus. It seemed very happy, especially where Juno's black nails caressed along its hard scaly skin.

"Working in the Zoo is all good, but nothing beats a dinosaur" she grinned to herself. After a moment she turned to Dr Cooper: "So it's all stegosauruses here?"

"In this pen, yes. But we will have many more little dinosaurs I'm sure. All the children's favourites…" Marie paused for a moment, "well at least the herbivores…"

"What about more stegosaurs," the look on Juno's face was rather serious, "There's so many of them out there, it would be great to see more variety…"

Dr Cooper paused for a moment, "I think we might be able to manage something…" She was looking at her watch, the dial just turning past 11am.

"She's a clever girl alright," she said as the stegosaur infant responded to her voice. Yet something crossed her mind as she looked into those small beady eyes, a feeling of recognition that went beyond an animal. She stopped petting it, feeling unnerved by the experience as if something was seriously wrong and she needed to get out. Yet the moment she lifted herself up was when the pain would suddenly erupted across her back.

Juno gritted her teeth in agony, suppressing a cry as the individual muscles on her back were convulsing like snakes under her skin. The pressure was building up in her spine as it started to bulk, and she could feel both the additional weight on her back and the pressure it was having on her tank top. She could barely breathe as the top became tighter and tighter across her chest. Dr Cooper stood back, her pen ready as she began scribbling notes. If Juno's attention was not on her pain she would have asked why the good doctor was not helping. She only took one step and a series of tears stopped her in her path.

The pressure on her chest was finally gone, but that was only because the back of her top had finally given way. At the same time her trousers had ripped at the rear, and now growing from the base of her spine was a long tail that was covered in blue scales with cream on the underside

She didn't need to wonder what the tail could possibly belong to, because within moments of it growing out several bony spikes erupted on intervals along the backbone, and she felt the pain of them pushing out from her skin down her back and even on her widened shoulder blades. The ones on the back of her neck hurt the most, but only as it was the most sensitive part, and when she reached for them, tracing her hand up, she could feel a pair at the top of her head, protruding from her long red hair.

The same blue scales that were on her tail were spreading across the length of her body too. Her hands, which had started to feel stiff and stubby , were quickly consumed by them. The same happened with her feet, now broad and flat with discs for nails. As the scales formed over her legs she felt her black loose trousers fill up with her new bulky legs.

A combination of the weight on her back and the heavy limbs brought her on her hands and knees, and she looked up to Doctor Cooper teary eyed from the pain. Her face pushed forward, nose and mouth forming into an elegant snout while her ears receded back into her head, forcing the piercings out along the way.

As the last changes took effect, Doctor Cooper kneeled down to look at the girl, bringing her hand up to gently stroke the girl's face. Juno however reacted against it, moving backwards on all four legs with her tail raised. Some of the stegosaurus infants looked at her curiously, following her, some even huddled close as if they recognised her as one of their own. While she was brandishing her tail, she was also shaking her head and opening her mouth as if trying to speak. The words did not seem to come out, instead her tongue sat limply in her mouth.

Doctor Cooper stood up, making her last few notes before turning back to the dinosaur that seemed confused by its surroundings.

"Juno Kerner, I'm sure you'll make a great Kentrosaurus…"


From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/witchfiend/

I hope people will enjoy them here too.