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I debated not posting this here because I feared it wasn't up to standard. But if there's an issue I can just delete it, and honestly I'd much prefer to have it here where I can get more constructive feedback, even if it's only for a short time.


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nice, love it :)


Any form of transformation art is welcome here. Just be wary of some trolls that like to hang out here. I think this looks pretty good, the confused expression is a good touch.


Constructive feedback?

Some of the shapes are getting lost. Consider variable line width. Thicker lines where necessary to separate parts from other overlapping parts.

It's hard to tell if we're looking at the back or the front of some parts. Study anatomy -- and never be afraid of using a reference. Take a picture of yourself making the pose, if necessary.

There are several anatomical "tricks" or landmarks one can use to avoid the worst of problems. Using the head as a basic unit and using that to measure the length of other parts.

Bisect most living things from nose to crotch and the left and right are mirror images. However, narrow the focus to an individual arm, or leg, and it's not the same when bisected. Any artistic anatomy book should cover such landmarks.

The shadows the figure is casting on the wall do nothing to aid the image. In fact, they help the figure blend into the wall by making the wall and figure have a similar value.


For feedback, I'm a little puzzled about the position of the limbs, because it makes it unclear how the character is facing. Eg. I thought maybe part of the torso was missing at first. And with the hand on our left, is that the back of a hand or the front? Some more detail on that would help.


Cat to fish or fish to cat is what I am wondering


interesting, great concept, newer idea for sure, and question, will there be a finished product? and maybe a story behind it? XD


i can see it as a TF