Changeling Tale - Brawl Scene by Wat

Changeling Tale - Brawl Scene by

Date: 5/3/2017 Views: 12459 Favorites: 101 Comments: 4


The pub had erupted into a panic. Most were frantically trying to push their way through the exit, but a few brave souls brandished chairs and bottles menacingly toward the beast.

"Get back!" I yelled.

An intense scene from our Transformation-focused Visual Novel, Changeling Tale.

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Ink/Color/BG by LittleNapoleon


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very sexy wish i had cash 2 buy it


I pledged 3 dollars a month, is the game in any build already available? Im not sure how to see my rewards


The game is in development, the demo build is expected in about 2 months.


I'm going to guess that somebody in the bar richly deserves this.