Anthro Dragon TF by Trevor_Fox

Anthro Dragon TF by

Date: 6/23/2015 Views: 7145 Favorites: 26 Comments: 0

Red Dragon

My dragon has shifted to being bi-pedal!.

After I had my giant dragon persona back in Middle School, I eventually changed it to a more anthro dragon around 8th - 9th grade. I dressed him in a vest that I used to wear a lot during Middle School, which, I think looks kinda dumb now.

The setting is different! I set it in the living room of my apartment, so the colors aren't as complimentary to the red, but I needed a new location. I also practiced reflected light in this drawing, both from the light source and from reflecting off of the body itself. I think I did okay, but it's something I definitely want to practice more with.