In Need Of Milk by Toonexterminator

In Need Of Milk by

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Forced Transformation


One Morning, Michelle found herself the only one who woke up early. Her other two roommates were still in their room. She assumed they must have had a rough night since she kept hearing squeaky and meowing noises. They must have been watching cartoons for hours.

Michelle’s other new roommate, Rebecca, was still in bed.

As she approached the kitchen, she took out a jar of milk and poured the last of it in her cereal. Just as she finished eating breakfast, Rebecca came out of the bedroom. She looked dazed, as if she was still recovering from a crazy night.

Rebecca grabbed the jar of milk and tried to pour a glass, but there was no more. She huffed, “Who… drank the rest… of my milk?!”

Michelle who was putting away her bowl and spoon in the sink turned to her, “It was your milk? I’m sorry. I used the last bit for cereal.”

Rebecca looked at her with a blank expression, “I need my morning… milk…!”

“I’m sorry, I should have…” Michelle walked towards her shoes, “Let me head to grocery store and I’ll pick up a carton-“

“I need my milk… NOW!!!” Rebecca raised her hands towards Michelle and she felt a sudden pain coursing through her body.

A glow emitted around her body as she fell to the floor. Michelle felt her lower belly get heavier and she looked down to see that something pink was growing. It looked like a cow udder! “What’s going on?”

Rebecca, still glaring at the girl, muttered away, “No one takes the last of my milk… unless you pay me back… personally… you selfish little cow…”

Michelle’s body continued to shift as she felt her fingers and toes fuse and harden. They were starting to look like hooves. She felt something prod on her lower backside as a cow tail began to grow right above her buttocks.

The pain really began to focus on her head as her face began to push out to form a cow-like muzzle. Her ears began to grow longer and little cow-like horns poked through her hair.

“I’m sorry!” She cried, “I’m sorry, I’m didn’t mean toooooooo! Please Stooooooo!” Her voice started to sound like mooing as she begged to Rebecca to stop. “I’moooooo Soooooooo-Moooooo!!!”

As Rebecca was casting the spell on her poor roommate, she was a bit entranced as Michelle started to leak milk from her udders and wet tank top. “Hmm, you’re coming out to be a fine looking cow girl…” She decided to stop the spell midway through the transformation. “Having a full cow in this tiny apartment might be too suspicious… but having an anthro cow girl providing my much needed milk and to play with will do just fine!”

Rebecca forced Michelle on all fours and began to milk her from her new udders. The tearful cow girl mooed in arousal.

“Don’t worry, my little cow! Once I get my morning milk, we’ll have a little one-on-one girl time to perk up our morning. How does that sound?”

Michelle's mind was going blank from being milked, but tears still ran down her cheeks, “Moooooooooo...”


And there you have it. Apparently Rebecca is too lazy to have Michelle buy milk from a store a block away and instead musters up energy to cast a transformation spell. Seriously, college age witches as so lazy these days…. :B

How this idea came to pass… I literally woke up one morning and saw I had no more milk. Ironic, but unlike the lazy Rebecca, I went to the grocery store and I bought my milk! That’s right! I do stuff and I’ll do it again if I have to!! Lol

This pic related to the other TF pics? Maybe….



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loved the picture loved the idea and loved the story keep up the good work


yeah, See, that is one reason guys don't give a s!@# about things like that.

Awesome work dude.


kinda explains the cat and mouse sounds from earlier ^_~


Heh. Rebecca is a witch with issues. Gotta screen your roommates if you don't want to deal with that sort of thing. Or if you *do...* XD


Amazing work as usual, keep it up.


Probably be utterly humiliating to go out ;D


Still my favorite image of the day, or two days seeing as its 1 in the am XD, love it Toon some amazing work :3 and amazing story to go with it, follow please and thank you.


Boy, you do really nice work! Thanx for posting it here, too.


Uh, thats ... efficient


Where does Rebecca live?


in a cartoon


i want that power


Best tf of all time change my mind