Accepted - Mermaid Curse by Toonexterminator

Accepted - Mermaid Curse by

Date: 2/15/2011 Views: 31145 Favorites: 234 Comments: 8


As far as this drawing goes. Story would most likely be:

A high school teen wanted to tryout for her new school's cheer squad. She got accepted and started transforming in front of her judges. Perhaps she should have read the fine print of the qualifications.


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Swim team cheer squad?


I'm all for mermaids but when somebody grow a fish tale the legs would sing into the body right? It's just a personal opinion. Tail growing. Not leg fusing. I felt like such A troll saying that. Gawd.. xD Hey! New tf tg idea. =)


^Technically you are right. however this is fiction (or not?) so a little creativity is apprechiated. On a completly unrelated note: I love it. :D


I like it to! I guess if magic is reason and not science stuff, it's all good. =)


Um...... we could use some cheerleaders for the polo team, too.......... 7@=Q


I love these and the other pictures! We need more mermaids here. Also, I would totally try out for this cheer team if I were still in high school.


I love your art style. Keep up the good work.


ooh i like the red hair and green eyes. That's a change of pace