nm-joeyflyer tg ar by Tincrash

nm-joeyflyer tg ar by

Date: 2/8/2008 Views: 15741 Favorites: 93 Comments: 8

Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Man to age regressed kangaroo


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Tincrash... Yeah. You da man.


Completed image number 150! congrats. And what a piece of work you did. I love how you make. . . UNIQUE stuff. Like. . . They aren't stereotypical turning into werefolf because of the moon things. You make everything seem more interesting and engaging. Your work got some flavour that few other can match. Point beeing is. . . I love your work!


Aww, so cute :)


Pete: Wow, 150 images already... completely wasn't keeping track of that, Thank you for your kind words!


I love AR ^_^ Now some has to became his moma roo, I suggest a buddy, a little TG with your AR XD


Dunno why, but I like it! Keep up the good work.


I have a question, How can you tell this was a TG?


i have an answer, look closely at the eyes, see how they look feminine? an that it says tg ar in the title, nice work tincrash