Cat's Fancy by TimidTabby

Cat's Fancy by

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"Oh my. You truly are becoming a handsome tomcat. Don't stop now, let the cat in you free."

Purrs continue to climb up his throat, feline sounds of bliss that helped soothed his body's fantastic metamorphosis. The creaks and pops of his bones and tense muscle and tightening skin molding his humanoid shape into the feral appearance of an actual cat left its uncomfortable marks no doubt, yet the power of his purrs and the tender encouragement of his feline companion lessened the pain into something more pleasant. In fact; he can't deny feeling some sense of pleasure in turning into a cat. From the thickening growth of his fur, to the swollen digits and elongated extremities become paws, and even the subtle pressure of triangular ears and a protruding muzzle left him yearning to shrink and change faster.

"I...I don't think *meow* I stop..." He admits, arching his back and whipping his long tail excitedly as he draws closer to the floor, forepaws propping him over his bed while his feline friend sits close kneading at his chest tuff bristling proudly.

"I know you'll be happy, living this life more," she goes on standing to her hindlegs to reach his face nuzzling muzzle to whiskered muzzle. "This way...I can finally have you. can have me, my handsome tomcat."

To live the life of a cat. He knew there would be consequence for taking it this far. He might not be able to change back if he committed to the feline life, what his pet desires from him a step beyond taboo. Though as a cat it wouldn't necessarily be so wrong, and if he becomes stuck he already put his affairs in order (well; as best as possible). What their potential future held for them is shrouded in mystery. But what he does know is that he wants nothing more than to finally feel free, and to share his freedom with someone ready to welcome him with open arms (or paws).

Eagerness rising; the tomcat lets go of any lingering inhibitions mewing happily as his furry body shrinks faster, his human form non-existent the moment he drops to the floor completely on all fours. The sensation fades though the bliss lingers stretching his newly transformed feline body gleefully as his pet; his queen drops down be his side pressing affectionately shoulder to side.

"My tomcat," she purrs exchanging loving nuzzles with him as she walks gingerly across the room, tail flagged and feral eyes glancing back with dreamy anticipation. The tomcat grins as he approaches his queen, ready to cement his feline freedom with the ultimate testament to their fate.