Why? Wolf by TimidTabby

Why? Wolf by

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A revision to an older sketch I made a year ago. Was planning to post the old one in other places but the more I viewed the more I realized "eh, I could improve it."

I hope that is the case. What do you all think?

Below is the same short story I made for the the sketch. Will re-look over it later if there's anything I need to fix...or change...but otherwise yep. Happy Werewolf Wednesday!


"Gah! What...is this? Why am I getting so hairy? And...my hands. What's wrong with my...oh God!"

The 'what' wasn't much of a question as he watched the skin of his palms and fingers slowly pulsate and bulge thickening into unmistakably dark pads suitable for animal paws, his fingertips swelling almost into large rounds as ivory claws broke away his nails stained with the tint of his blood.

"I'm...I'm turning into a..."

His voice cracks nearly unable to breath as gruff beastly growls poured from his aching maw, lips peeled back as he felt his face pushing out little by little; the vestige of a muzzle forming.

"No! This can't...be happening," he moans between snarls and whimpers struggling to maintain his composure; his sense of self. "There's no way...this can be real..."

His clawed hands urgently raked over his tight drenched clothes soaked in his dripping sweat, the uncomfortable human fabric too much of a bother to continue wearing in his changing form. He shreds them apart violently anxious to be rid of them, a tattered torn mess around his elongating hindpaws as he stumbles forward catching himself before falling to the ground. His back bugles feeling his spine wriggling, a small lump growing from the base above his rump extending eagerly into a wagging tail of the beast he was transforming into.

"Why..." he sobs, looking over his changing body. The hair had now thickened over his neck and shoulders like a mane, patches spreading over his arms and legs; a tuff forming upon his chest popping and barreling. His lengthening lupine ears flatten to match his fright feeling his thoughts becoming clouded by animal urges and instincts, growling deeply as he feels an odd frustration at himself for trying to suppress it; deny his natural calling.

"Why is this happening to me? Why am I...a Werewolf!?"

But soon even the 'why' no longer mattered as he slowly felt himself succumbing to the wolf's needs and excitement, a bellowing howl escaping his protruding muzzle. In that instance he felt a strange relief in both body and mind, as if everything suddenly became clear. Feral eyes beaming towards the woods, canine nose sniffing the air and detecting the closest scent of prey, he began to smile and pant happily. A good hunt would make he feel better; feel alive.

He willingly drops to all fours, his posture altering immediately as what little humanity remained was swallowed underneath fur and feral physique of the wolf. As the waves of his transformation came to an end he rocketed forward sprinting onto strong animal paws, eager to enjoy the night while the full moon hangs above the sky watching over the newly born wolf.


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