Dream or Nightmare by TimidTabby

Dream or Nightmare by

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Forced Transformation

"The pain intensifies throughout my entire body, sickly snaps and pops of bending and stretching bone and flesh pounding as heavily in my inhuman lengthening animal ears as my screams and growls bellowing from my misshapen protruding muzzle and carnivorous fangs. But the pain is more of an afterthought, my senses disturbingly being filled with primal euphoria as every little detail of my human form twists and contorts; shapeshifting into the monstrous wolf I am becoming.

Shallow heaves shift to animal panting lying back on the floor while my torso and spine pull within, my chest cracking; barreling out while my shoulder blades fold in forming bulky humps against my back. My cries have grown deep and beastly, a monsters roar replacing my panicking human voice as feral eyes stare wildly at my hands...thick and elongated extremities that now resemble forepaws, sharp and deadly bloodstained claws sprouting from my fingertips.

This must be a dream, right? I know I've been obsessed with Werewolves recently but this can't really be happening to me, right? I have crossed paths with a real Werewolf, let alone gotten bitten. And yet; the past full moons I've found myself compelled; entranced with slipping into this emerging primal mentality that urges me to strip to my skin, crawl on my hands and knees, express my emotions in beastly noises, and crave to commit violent acts of a natural predator.

But this has only been in my mind; I know I've been ill and should have seen a doctor. But could one have prepared me for the truth; would a doctor have stopped my real transformation from happening?

Does it matter anymore?

This shaping lupine body, these animal instincts and urges...I'm starting to like them. The euphoria masking the pain of my metamorphosis resounds gratification in becoming a beast. I feel stronger, becoming lithe despite my toning animal muscles, hungry. Smells become acute to my senses, catching the scents of various animals and things with beating hearts and pumping blood...delicious meat. Raw, juicy, warm....my stomach growls alongside me; my body is eager to move as soon as stop trembling from my changes. I wish to hunt; I wish to kill and feed.

Oh god...am I going to hurt someone tonight? These urges; they're just natural needs for any wolf in the wild. But will I mistake a person as food? Are PEOPLE food for Werewolves?

My worries become clouded as my face throbs painfully, roaring in my beastly voice as my forehead cracks and flattens; my small muzzle pushing out longer into its proper length. A howl escapes me, who I was before overridden by who I am now; a wolf anxious to be a wolf. It's dream finally fulfilled as I take my place upon all fours and flex my completed metamorphosis ravenous and eager to escape my human den and run; hunt."


I plan to update the image in the future so keep that in mind and check back sometime (though I'm not doing a major overhaul or anything like that, hehe).

More Werewolves, only lately I've been inspired to reflect the type of werewolf from AWIL (American Werewolf in London), adding in the age-old theme of a more violent animal nature. Can't say if things are going to get bloody, but the idea of loosing control as you become an actually beast has been more appealing than ever. Maybe I should stop listening to my wolf side for a while, it's becoming a bite scary O__o;

I worked up this sketch during one of my Artstreams I've been doing on Picarto.TV. If you are ever interested in watching this cat draw (currently with a crappy webcam) then keep an eye out for my journals for postings and links.


[Shameful Advertisement moment]: I started a Patreon for those who would be willing to support this wolfish cat. Nothing right now will be exclusive to Patreon, but will appreciate any help to kill off my pesky bills holding me back in life. That is all!


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Es gran trabajo pero devo la lectura.


I think your art is improving quite pleasantly.


Well done on the drawing, and even better on the 'story' bit. I imagine it would be a bit overwhelming for most. Too many people I know have a hard time controlling their human instincts, and wouldn't likely have even a chance of controlling the instincts that would come with such a form. I expevt few would even consider it even possible to control them. But then, many humans really arent in any more control of them selves then any other animal is. Most seem to be ruled by instincts they deny even having. Still, sounds like you'd do better then most, first step to making instincts serve you rather then you serving them is to accept them. Who knows perhaps we will be fortunate enough that this eclipse will mark the time when reality changes a bit and you'll find out just how well, or poorly you'll actually do while enjoying such an experience. Hopefully typing wont be too hard with paws, or that you find you can also change back after having a good hunt ;).