Catwolf Rising by TimidTabby

Catwolf Rising by

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Forced Transformation

Last post of the day. Trying to not completely flood the site after all, hehe.

So...this piece has a huge backstory to it relating to my Fursona and OC gals. A bit convoluted until I can flush out the ideas in a real written story form, so I'll give the abridged version here.

Tabby (fursona) is mates with Nikki (the Blonde Fox), but he crosses paths with Sno (the black furred Werewolf) her doesn't bite him but discovers he has a lupine personality manifesting into Lycanthropy...which results in him becoming a Werewolf himself (to Sno's delight and Nikki's horror).

Twas interesting to try a Werewolf TF with an already Anthropomorphic animal character. Challenging to show the shifting from a feline to a lupine creature but I do kind of like the method here. Certainly better in color to show the changes in the fur pattern and tints.