Can't Fight The Itch by TimidTabby

Can't Fight The Itch by

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Forced Transformation

"I should be home, curled up in a warm bed

I should be considering rest for the dreary day ahead

Prepare to wake up refreshed for the modern world

To work and toll, to cavort and mingle with other humans

But I don't, living a human life not what I'm yearning to do

I look to the sky, watch the bright sun set

My throat murmurs as something animal escapes, a purr

It's already starting...and I truly don't want to fight

I take my clothes, jacket and jeans

leave my effects and valuable things

don't even bother to wear shoes or socks

as the skin of my feet already feel padded and rough

Rushing from my home, the adrenaline pumping

A weary smile crosses my heated face

I fear of losing my humanity

Yet revel in gaining a feral freedom

In the park, wandering eyes cannot see

behind the bushes I rest my sore feet

They already grow in length

shape of hind paws and sprouted thick claws

The fire rises in my skin, finding it hard to stay attired

These jeans must go, hastily pulled and tossed aside

A cold winter wind sooths the heat

Unable to contain inside my appreciated mewing

But the heat continues to grow, spreading all around

Hands, ears, chest, legs; even my face begins to sway

Tugs and pulls can be felt, bends and cracks begin to sound

I collapse to all fours, both wishing it to stop...and for more

My ears widen outward, rounded and to the point

My hands become thick, sprouting deadly claws like my feet

My chest barrels out against my jacket, my muscles spasm

My form begins to shift, no longer human but of feline shape

The worst pains have become the most welcomed

Coming next both horrible and desirable

The bone begins to push from face to spine

In a moment I will cease being human

My new cat ears cringe to the awful sounds

The cracks of bone pushing my snout and mouth outward

Fangs set in and muzzle fully form

Eyes now slitted, suited for the nocturnal score

As for the spine its line arches

Shoulders protruding out and torso stretching longer

Then the symbol of my animal sprouts life wildly

whipping and curling, my long tail breaths joyously

I cry out, yowling

calling out to world as a monster, as a cat

The heat intensifies, but now it is as soothing as the wind

as my orange fur spreads and sets in

I rub a paw against my tuffed muzzle

shuddering in delight by the feel of my fur

but my paw hit something wet

and found that tears had matted my furry cheeks

I look back behind and almost forgotten

My clothed remains dangling over the bushes and grass

My only link to my human world still worn over my chest

My trusty blue hooded jacket, never faltered never messed

Tonight I gave in to my feline life

But the consequences will pile on in the morning

No one is expecting a overgrown cat to be at the door

and I don't feel comfortable showing up half drobed

I'll have to stay cat till no one is home

Where I am safe to change back

And yet I feel little want to go back

Unless it is to be shown affection and petted

My humanity is slipping, each time I give in

I fear my life will never remain normal

But I have been given a outstanding gift

and it be a shame to squander it

For now I rub the teared fur away

Look to the moon for a lovingly night

I gather strength to mew happily to the sky

and rush out into the world, to explore what humans cannot"


Another Post-TF from the past reflecting my feelings of my feline side. Also another poor attempt in writing poetry, hehe.


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meow i loved it fellow feline


I lover