Submission -Old Wolf TF- by TimidTabby

Submission -Old Wolf TF- by

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Forced Transformation

"That time of the month, but with a supernatural twist. Never expected to run into a honest to real Werewolf, more so to have survived being attacked. At least it turns out we don't becoming killing machines with no souls like in the movies and stories, so it still perplexing why that wolf had to pounce and bite me that night.

Because of it; now, I go through the same curse every month.

I think I'm becoming more accustomed to it than I ever imagined, stripping down to my flesh even before making it past the woods. The sun hadn't set yet and I was already hyper sensitive to my surroundings, hunger encroaching upon my rational thoughts chasing a Squirrel of all things into a open valley.

And there the full moon rising above the sky faced me, sweat pouring over my skin as the heat of the change starts to overwhelm me, a grimace washed over my face as part of me still wants to resist; to stay human and go back home to my normal life.

But being a Werewolf, normal isn't a factor anymore.

My hands show it first, dark pawpads thickening over my fingertips and palms, flesh and bone stretching out and swelling into animal-like features as thick boney claws replace my nails. Pressure starts to build within my chest, my rib cage aching to expand as my insides reform and move preparing for a feral frame. My sweat becomes soaked into spreading itchy fur adding unbearable heat to my already flushed hot body.

Strange; though, how into the halfway point the pain starts to grow on me...become welcoming.

The fur is covers the rest of my body, feeling my ears lengthen into wolfish points; my face bugling with fangs pushing out. I start to loose myself under the torrent of wild and primal urges and emotions changing my behavior, growling fiercely from the ache but also in exhilaration. Dropping to the grass on all fours I start to want the changes to happen faster, wanting to feel my lupine shape cast away my humanity for the thrill of what being a wolf offers. I relish the pressure of my tail sprouting and growing from a small nub to a short hairy thing wagging excitedly.

My chest explodes barreling forward; my torso narrows and stretches giving me an animal body. My hands and feet elongate and finish shaping into canine forepaws and hindpaws making it comfortable and natural to stand like a wolf. My tail is flush and full, marking my corruption; my acceptance. The only thing left is my protruding face panting heavily, bones sickly cracking as my snout pushes forward and bares me a true wolf muzzle, golden feral hues shining brightly showing little human intelligence of my former human self.

Though that's not entirely true. I'm still in here. I'm still me...but I'm also a wolf. It's what my life is now, and although I hate how it interferes with my human life...I can't deny the thrill of becoming a predator of the wild. I stand proud howling to the full moon watching my monthly rebirth, eager to hunt and seek out other company to share in our lupine lifestyle.

Perhaps I'll run into the wolf that bit me finally. The more I think about it the wolf was probably very lonely...and now that I think about it more, she was a beautiful shewolf."


Thought I end the day of posting with trying out posting multiple images for a sequence...since there was little instruction on how to do that, so I hope this worked.

Based off an old Werewolf transformation sequence I did long past as a sketch first, I eventually came back to it a few years ago to finally color the damn thing. Although I got a little lazy at the beginning and just used Photoshop to fill in the background, though the 2nd and 3rd page isn't too shabby.

More to come so...if you've been liking my stuff so far that is, hehe.

Take care Y'all! >^__^<


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I don't read very often. But when I do, I always enjoy a great story. I feel that you are one of the best new artists to Transfur in a long time; keep up the awesomeness!!!