The Flamingo Mask by TigrisG

The Flamingo Mask by

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My fiancee bought a flamingo mask at AC for me (he knew I liked flamingos). Recently I felt like I should give back to him for all he's done for me, and said "what would you like me to draw for you? Name it and you can have it." and he said he would like to see me transforming by putting on the flamingo mask. We took a few photo refs of me, I ended up combining two of them together. I became an American Flamingo with pink plumage because the mask he gave me was pink.

When I think of flamingos, I think of the 50s kitsch (I own a pair of Featherstone flamingos), but I also think of those 80s retro beachy shirt designs for Florida, The Bahamas and other places the Beach Boys would sing about. I tried to work that into the poster and shirt design.

The blankets show that its the middle of winter, but I prefer the warmth of a sunny beach, and as luck would have it, I became a beach bird. :)


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Pretty! :)


I think it's awesome!


It's refreshing to see a couple give each other the bird.


I love it! The colors are beautiful and I really like what inspired it. :)

Furneck - lol


normally aint a fan of bird tfs but i like it =p ncie job enjoy being a flamingo rofl!


ps i love the concept of a suit/mask or something of that sort tfing XD probably one of my favorit


There needs to be more flamingo!