Tribal Aardvark Woman by TigrisG

Tribal Aardvark Woman by

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Second Skin

She's not like the other girls. Afraid of what her tribe might think, she decided to relocate her hut elsewhere so she could be alone and "be herself." When she is in human form, she walks among her tribe; when she is changing she hides away in her secret location. Two guys from another tribe stumbled upon her territory today. In disbelief and fear, they watched her transform. They have quite a story to tell the folks back home.

EDIT: She's not a nahual. She's an African skinwalker. Her clothing was inspired by textiles from Ghana. Think of tales like Anansi the spider and other folklore. She's not evil or harmful, she is a wise, kind-hearted woman.

To Canton: The story I've written above is pretty much all the info that I have for her, though I understand that she could develop into a real character. Maybe one day I will do that.

To Cayoosh: She is the only skinwalker of her tribe, that's why she hides away when it happens. The hut shown is where she usually stays when no one is around, but if the passerbys look dangerous (a rival tribe, for example) she hides in the cave until they are finished exploring her hut and leave.


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It is a nagual (aka Skin Walker)


yick. I hope not: those things are supposed to be downright Evil XP

Fairly cute representation by the way: nice to see a clear delineation between fur and skin, and all in all the form just seems "natural" somehow to me. just a feeling, rather than something that is obvious in the aesthetics. Nice job:D


Naguals and Skin Walkers are New World shapeshifters, anyway, aren't they? (Don't think they're quite the same thing, and the nagual isn't necessarily evil, at least.)

In any case this girl seems very sweet, just from this image alone. And it's a beautiful picture, by the way. Do you have any more of her backstory anywhere?


In relidad nahual has two meanings the first is the changing (skin walkers / shaman / witch) and the other is power animal owner. depends on the culturas.Exiten conceto as different as chulele and naaldlooshii yee.


I love the color and detail that was put into this image, particularly the background. The transformation aspect is subtle, but works well. You can tell she's grown to accept and enjoy her new form, even if others may find her new food source somewhat alarming.

The research and/or references used for the clothing and setting is great, and drapes over her body well (noticed the subtle folds in her 'skirt', for example).

Are there any other skin walkers in her tribe? What's in the cave up in the rock face?


I love the color scheme, detail, and idea. It's very well thought out. If you were to make a story with this I'd certainly read it.