Livestream Doodle #12 by Tgwonder

Livestream Doodle #12 by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female

Due to the high risk of exposures of a rare genetic mutation spread among the city limit, all male residents must obtain a Transformations survival kit by orders of local government agencies.

The cause is still unknown, but in the event of exposure. Open the provided kit in case of emergency.

[what's inside the kit you might ask.]

The survival kit includes a following of each.

1 booklet: A survival guides to transgender transformation

1 matching bar with pantie

3 pairs of clothing

a hat, and finally a belt.


1. Remove what remains of the incinerated clothing you had on.

2. Put underwear and clothing on.

3. Remain calm. if the size does not fit simply fill out the included form and assistance will be available soon as possible.

4. Continue on as you were.


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lol i approve