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Red Panda

I dunno.

So says I.


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Lol... It's a fantasy that made me smile


Breathe deep in the blue. Relax.


I'm sure Jeller just wanted to be original and bring something different to the table. Of course, there is a very good reason why downer stories are not prevalent in the TF community.


Yup! :D

TF's tend to be all about escapism. I mean, heck, it really is about imagining turning into something you're not. A dark twist, interesting though it may be might simply not appeal to everyone.

In the end, it's been interesting to take a step back an analyze the TF topic and community a bit.


You know, the last line of Jeller's submission suggests a humor element. I mean, talk about your darkly comedic punchline. Only he can tell us for certain...

Me, I'm kinda hoping he tackles other fetishes next. (Nothing against them, by the way, but can you imagine, say, diaper furs + reality?) It really is worth stepping back and laughing at ourselves at least once in a while. ;)

And hey, transformation repercussion stories can be quite interesting. So.. there's that.


^ I agree that stepping back and 'laughing' is fine, but stepping back and 'cutting and weeping' just sounds a bit trite.


Where is the TF in this scribble?


I smell more introspection! INTROSPECTION! And Cookies! With Chocolate Chips! And Gravy! Hmmmmm......gravy....*drools*.....

Honestly, I like to see a little bit more analysis and discussion about our rather unique field of interest - if that's done with some humour on top of it, that's even better! So, here's hoping for more introspection! And more cookies!


Vulpin: True enough. Personally, I did find myself laughing at Jeller's submission. It ended too abruptly NOT to. Whether or not that was the intent is a question only Jeller himself can answer. That said, Swatcher's response seems almost *too* defensive.

Then again, I guess a fat red panda might *be* defensive. They're related to raccoons, and if they're even half as temperamental as Procyon-kind... oO But, uh, fantasy. Right.

/Long day...


Two words: Thanatos intrigue. Smoking is good for your existential health, and is deliciously unsterile. I indulge myself in memento mori.


Or is it amor fati?



I think that Swatcher's very 'style' is pretty much fantasy-incarnate--it's not surprising he'd respond in fashion.

"You don't go to the beach to get sand kicked in your face, and you don't go to Glasgow to get your eyes gouged out with broken bottles", as Yahtzee would say.

I have to say, I like Jeller's piece, but the deliberation was needless--the image says everything. Swatcher's response was short and succinct.


"You don't go to the beach to get sand kicked in your face, and you don't go to Glasgow to get your eyes gouged out with broken bottles," but at the same time, the prospect is exciting. :-)

Can I point out that transformation art just became a critical, embedded referential artform and must now be taught as classic in an academic institution? (ignoring other times this has happened)


Swatcher, it is all your fault. Now we have to become professors to legitimize our work.


But is art... art?



I much prefer the 'building sandcastles' and 'purchasing heroin' alternatives, myself.


Vulpin - The only difference is that you don't know you are suffering and thus cannot enjoy it. :-)



Enjoyment of suffering is the last thing on my mind, being a sufferer of chronic depression/anxiety. I really don't get anything out of twisting the knife in deeper, aside maybe more blood loss.


I can sympathize, as I am the same way. It is just the way I have learned to cope with it.



Sorry, to put that in a less stupid way; I know exactly where I'm at, and what I'm dealing with. I just happen to like animal anatomy growing out of human physique--no strings attached. If it were an option, I'd risk it, and since it isn't, I don't mope.


It's exciting to see that I got an art response on my latest picture. I take it as a compliment, thanks!

I think it's good to see other people's opinions on these things. But yeah, don't take it too personally. Of course it's fantasy. I wish I could be a shark monster thing, but realistically that would probably kill me because I live in the middle of the desert with no water for hundreds of miles. Fish get dehydrated easily. :]

So yeah, wasn't trying to be preachy, just trying to have fun and look at things from a totally new perspective. I feel pretty honored that my piece affected you enough to make you go out of your way and draw a response to it, though. Pretty neat.

So yeah, no hard feelings. Peace out, dude.


Vulpin - Oh, it certainly is. I really enjoy both Jeller's and Swatcher's work. That said, I do interpret Jeller's heart attack panda as a dark humor piece, and that puts "Reality Check" in a negative light and holy carp, Devils-Violin, this really *is* getting quite academic, isn't it? :p



I didn't really find Jeller's piece funny, kind of tragic. I guess that explains a bit.

I think I'll stick to wanting to be a mish-mash of human and some eutherian animal. Less complications beyond those I already deal with. Ultimately, if you want something, you find a way to either make it happen, or make up for wanting it in some other way. Having friends who like similar things is always a start.


Vulpin: Alternate interpretations happen, and that's cool. Makes life interesting. And "tragicomic" would be a good word for the heart attack panda. So, uh, I half agree with you. Actually. ;)

I just love the concept of transformation in general, and I'm glad to not be alone. Even if I don't *quite* understand some of the subgenres. (And I certainly can't judge, since, you know, I particularly like non-mammalian TFs. So... yeah.)