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7/7. Seems Riley's taking it in stride once it's all said and done. But it looks like his sacrifice was in vain... I'm wanting to do a part 2 to this which will be longer, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to between commissions.


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That is some really nice quality. I'm gonna keep on eye out for more of this ^_^


Is it just me, or do I smell a heaping helping of WIN coming on? The force is strong in this one... :D


You've GOT my attention, and then some. I think I'm going to enjoy this.


Oh, cute dragon ^-^


Whoaaa... quality! I'm with Soty on this one!


Very nice art indeed. Do you have a website or something?


Extremely good quality on this one! I look forward to the rest of the comic and all of your upcoming work


I like the dragon a lot. Looking forward to seeing the other 6 pages.


NICE comic dude




Well, the art so far tells me it'll be good... I look forward to seeing where this goes! :3 I promise I won't be refreshing the page repeatedly until the next page shows up... >.>;; Kidding. :P But I will be checking for the continuations! :3


You have my attention.


Woahh people, I think we got ourselves a manga artist here.... I'm gonna keep my eye on you...


thanks guys! =) I'm happy your guys are already liking this. To answer Dropoutdragon: the TF doesn't start till a couple pages, but there's a story that goes hand-and-hand with it. Without the first couple pages it wouldn't make much sense. xD


whoa, epic style


cant wait to see the other pages. so dont keep us waiting for to long :P


Hum. sounds very interesting


Is the last expression remorse of fury?


This Quality is the best like other previous sequences, This also gives a kind of interesting pics that i really like about it , hope u finish this comic soon, i am looking forward to it


Aleander: it


Aleander: it's supposed to be fury. I know it doesn't convey very well though. ^_^;;


Oh wow i cant wait for this to finish looks great


From looking at the first two pages, this is nice work! A pleasant art style and an actual story are always appreciated.


Wow. I'm loving the quality of these images. You're a very skilled artist. <3


The artistic quality, to echo others, is impressive.


The art here is really , really impressive i can't wait to see how this pans out


Beautiful images - could be from a Disney studio.


The art in this is absolutely beautiful. And this seems like it will be an enjoyable story to follow.


Again, I'm far beyond impressed.


what can I say that hasn't been said already? you have a talent, not just for the imagery, but the design of the comic: the construction of the frames, the placement and content of the text, and the angles of approach for the "camera" in each frame: more than being colorful or realistic, there is a certain illusive aesthetic in comic design that you've captured. If I had to guess, I'd say you've done this sort of thing before... if not, you've got a gift.


You need to get yourself into the animated movie business ASAP, seriously.


Page design is fantastic. Great job


what wisjam2uk said.... this is superb artwork.


wow, in my opinion you are the best artist on the site. great work!!


You know, besides incredible art, an animal-to-human transformation? Big kudos for changing it up in such a simple yet ingenious way!


Really love your style, I am looking forwards to seeing more of this sequence. Panel 2 on page three is painfully cute.


I like where this is going.


I'm actually amazed. :3 And if the TF is going to go the way I think... then this would also be another type of TF that has not been done here before (or at least recently... it may have been done before without me realizing...) Either way, I'll have to wait and see. :3 I look forward to seeing more! :3


Day-um, this is quite a debut!


I like the design and theme; is there a story behind this?


ehh , after reading your text story on DA, i found it diffcult to understand, why does a dog become human and the human become a dog , quite confusing but nice storyline anyway ^^


thx for the spoiler :P but FINALY i have been waiting to see an animal to human tf


now THIS is interesting...!


I like it! You do very nice artwork, Spirit_Pup. And I have to admit, it is a bit unorthodox to do an animal to human TF. Keep it up!


Constructive criticism: Much as disney-esque style is beautiful because it covers a LOT of mistakes, there are some glaring ones in this. Riley's jaw in the splash panel of page two doesn't work; the bottom jaw curls around itself and has no bone structure. Likewise, the claws on to of Riley need dimension - they sit flat on the fur and have no weight to them. Given that this computer graphic, these should be fairly quick to correct. Don't get lazy :P As said before, you've done a great job on the panelling and your storytelling is perfect. Just offering constructive criticism where the art lets it down.


i just saw that this is some of your first postings i would just like to say welcome to Transfur. your art and story are really really good i cant wait to see more from you ;)


it going to be good


This so amazing, you should be drawing proffesionally.


i just read the story... and i know how the story ends, will be see the dog 2 human tf as well as the human 2 dog tf???


Will you have his owner become a dog?


Love the art style, clean cut, simple, and very clear.


It makes me think of an animation storyboard, or one of those ani-manga books that were popular some years back. Very well done.


I'll be honest - I was expecting big problems with this. I expected your passion and skill would lay with the animals and fall down with humans. You've surprised me, and pleasantly. Anatomy still needs a LOT of work - fingers particularly. Don't give up on working on the actual art; your design layout and planning is beautiful; if you can work up to combining them, you'll really have something (and should definately then take a crack at the industry). You're a natural storyteller IMO that's what's made this sequence so popular and enjoyable. Thank you for surprising me :)


Thanks for the critiques, Urbanvixen. =) I'm glad I was able to surprise you with my human anatomy. (I know my hands still need a lot of work though. >_<) I appreciate all the feedback!


After looking at the stuff on your DA, I'm really interested in this story.


I read The Dragon's Eye sneak peak in DA. Excellent work, hope you continue the story.


Poor dog, having to be turned into a human


This is turning out as good or better than i origionally thought. Keep up the great work. I expect to see many great things come out of ya in the future. Hopefully you will set some new trends on this site. I think you will so keep the good work up.


This feels like it could have been a fantasy of mine, except mirrored. Interesting to say the least.


cool sequence so far, there's not very many animal>human tfs around without a human>animal tf being first


omfg i love it ! its awesome how u did and i love the story and the Expressions ! The Dragon is one of the best i ever seen and... omg and i only love it ^^ thx to u and i hope for the last 2 Pages *.*


very very nice


This is just really awesome...


I can smell a part 2..


Now, you are my official favorite artist on this site. ((No offence to the other artist out there))


Very big quality.


:) I noticed you've put a lot more effort into the digits on this page - it really shows, well done! Other than that, can't say much that everyone else hasn't said already. Good work. Thank you for sharing! ...Though, I'll tell you what, the response you've had to this makes me wonder about chucking in my detail work!! At least when I post on transfur anyway; you seem to have hit the nail for these guys by using the simplest style in a skilled format. I guess orientation counts for everything - lesson to me, anyways. Thanks for the (unintentional) help :)


Absolutely exemplary. Professional-quality work, and I say that without a moment's hesitation.


Stunning artwork, presentation of story and style. I'd pull this off a comic stand and plunk down the $3.95 for an issue just because it jumps out enough to get my curiosity going and the artwork draws my attention immediately.


I'm guessing there'll be a part 2 with that other character? Very nice TF - I like the style of your human characters :D


Your work is fantastic, and your plot actually has me interested. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner here.


I like the style, tho I don't care for animal to human TFs very much. I am very confused as to why he got turned human to begin with? Punishment for his disobedience? I'm also wondering with everyone else, will there be a part two?


I love you for this! D:


Eeh! I'd hit that! =3 Nothing too "wonkey" about the first panel on page 5... he just lookes anime. <3


I'd add on another several pages to see the owner transformed by this dragon and have Riley watch her become a dog ;3 my $0.02


So, is Maddy a dog too?


Nice can't wait for part 2


Nice! Now there's something you don't see every day: reverse rippage! 7@=e


i smell a sequel!


I look forward to part 2. Looks to be verrrry interesting.




OUTSTANDING! I can hardly wait for a part two.


This is really great, best one I have seen in a long time. I also look forward to a sequal.


i love it. i'm adding this to my favs. and ill keep my eye on your art. :D i can't wait until you come out with something else.


Pretty fresh concept, great artwork. Unless you've got one planned, don't feel pressure to do a sequel. I like abrupt endings/cliffhangers.


Stunning sequence that, I can FEEL the emotion in every panel. You've got an amazing talent there, you've got one viewer here who's certianly keeping an eye out for future submissions. Well done. - TC


I think this sequence was really good. I would like to see a different fate for maddy than the one from the story but I really don't know how you would make it work.


Absolutely brilliant work- and I don't just mean the art. I went ahead and took the pleasure of reading your sneak preview, and I loved it. You have a real talent for both storytelling and art, and the fact that I actually got angry at the dragon for what it did to Maddy and Riley could be taken as a sign of that. I look forward to seeing the rest of the story- perhaps how they get back at him, although I'm only guessing here. Good job, and I'm glad to hear you have been receiving commissions enough to interrupt your own personal projects- not because I want them delayed (good grief, no!) but because it means you'll likely be around for a while!


And noooow... the girl to dog, hu? That would be... Well... boring. And what do you think about a happy end? oO


Wow. Not only was it one of those rare animal to human changes, but the artwork is ultra awsome! Bravissimo!


A part 2 would be good.


Holy... yes. Awe-freaking-some and then some more. The colors are very vibrant, the way the text just 'slides' in between the frames is beautiful, and the frames themselves are in a good layout. I won't even begin on the line art or shading, words are just not enough. Definitely one of the better pieces in a while. Instant favourite for me.


Great work :) Love the story and the emotional intensity.


Man, this is great. You've had professional training, yes?


ahh, why did she come back.. Good work ^_^ StealthWolf-SSL ^_^


Amazing, amazing, and amazing! I so hope you continue with Maddy!


Wow, now I've been around for awhile but I have never seen anything this profesional, please go to disney right now and demand work, hell I'll open the back door. That is unless you haventt got keys already. -applause-


OH GOD CLIFFHANGER!!! I wait with bated breath for Part 2. :)


wow this is the coolest one ive seen here yet


Will i go on? I say that's Awsome, I can't wait for upcoming stuff.


this comic is awsome cant wait to see future art


OH man, you gotta keep this up now,, i love the art and storyline so far. i wanna see what happens


OMG! It's EDWARD! :P Actually it is an awesome comic... very well crafted and drawn.


Love the disgusted/aloof expression on the dragon in page 6. As for the rest of the comic? Well... "NAILED it!" :D


Nice job there. Reversal tf's are one of the more originalk concepts of tf I've seen on this site so far. And the way you ended this comic was rather open en ded./ I say a sequel is in order! O:


PLEASE DO A SEQUAL TO THIS!!!!!! its killin me i need toknow what happens next lol


one word: GOOD


the art for this comic is really fantastic, and like others I want to see the rest of the story


This is so good it's noble. It would be a boon to the TF community if you would continue this. And what an entrance - a reverse TF, no less! Impressive!


Man, you just walked in and blew our socks away. I still can't find mine... Please, for the community, make a sequell.


wow someones very popular


Oh wow... Transfur has been getting some really quality sequences lately...


I can possibly see a sequal happening


I was grinning like the dragon when I read Page 5. That's what happens when I hang out on /y/ too much.


Will there be a follow up :P?


I hope i see more reversial tf's in the future.


A part 2 would be great! Maybe the girl tf into a bitch. So for a role reversal between pet and owner.


really outstanding work - and something new - usualy it's a someone being turned into a dog, not the other way around


Congratulations... this is one of the first reverse TFs I've seen on Transfur. Congratulations...


I love the storyline in this one :D cant wait for another pics from you


What can I add that other people haven't said already? This is really very stunning work, welcome aboard! =-3


This is beyond fantastic. And Beyond amazing. You aren't just doing a TF, you're giving us a glimps into a deep story as well. And the TF is one I normally don't care for, but in this case, it's done so fantastically well that I fully enjoy it! My only regret is I don't have the cash to commission you for a part 2! Why does this dragon hate Maddy? That doesn't look like a blade mark that cost him his eye, that looks like a claw mark. Riley does have one thing on his side if his new human brain can put it together fast enough: sometimes the audacity of an attack is exactly why it can work!


I'm so, so glad that this many people like this story and are interested in it. ^__^ To clear up some confusion, the reason Riley is turned into a human is because he was defending Maddy. The dragon believes that no human is worth defending and any animal who bothers to protect a human is no better than a human themselves. The scars over her eye ARE from a blade: the first time the person missed his mark and had to slash again to get her eye out.


I'm curious what would happen with the girl ;)


I like the expression in panel Z when the clothes appear. Priceless.


holey crap this ROCKS this is the best iv ever seen!!!This is crazy....Please tell me that You will do more


TT_TT I wish that I could draw like that! I cant wait for the next comic/drawing that she produces!


This is an extreamly well put together piece. Your use of shadeing and choice of panel positions is extreamly well thought out. This isn't just a sequence anymore but rather has the makeings of an epic graphic novel. Very well done. There is very little that you can improve upon in my opinion and you should be very proud of this piece.


It would be awesome (Plot wise) If the dragon turned the girl into another dragon.


Absolutely incredible.


As always, awesome. I'm looking forward to the story's continuation :3 *rubs hands together* Yay! Maddy's next.....


whats happened, wheres the next one?


that is like the best comic iv'e ever seen!


what happened to the girl its been 3 months or so and it has not said.


mmm I was looking at your dev-art page and noticed your deviant ID. Just wondering, is the dog and girl in this comic in any way related to you? :)


I can't wait for a second one. Does she turn into a dog? Does the dragon give up? The suspense is killing me.


XXy: haha, no, my characters aren't based on me or my own dog. =) It's just coincidence. And my dog isn't nearly as intelligent as Riley. xD


i've read what happens next and you should so do that as a comic as well. That would just too sweet!!


When I started up an account on dA as Nitrinoxus, I remembered seeing this comic. I checked out your page there and faved the Dragon's Eye sneak peek instantly. I really think you should do a second part to this; the quality of your work is incredible.


The best comic I have ever seen by far. No joke.


this is awsome i loved ur cute dragon$.$


oooo y la va a transformar en perro o mejor saca una segunda parte


oye como puedo leer la historieta se ve muy interesante


Looks like some one needs a dragon slayer.


THIS sequence brought me to Transfur. I'm glad I found it the first time; I glad I rediscovered it. This piece is truly awesome!!!!