Hooves (with drabble) by Sonicspirit

Hooves (with drabble) by

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Okay, let's do this! I've started writing some drabbles to help me explore some of my kinky bullshit. So far it's mostly been pretty softcore, though I do intend to *snerk* go blue as I get more comfortable, but yeah. This is the first (and so far shortest) of the drabbles, and just a quick thing I literally wrote for myself, so, yanno, very much lacking context. But yeah, I like it, and wanted to share.

I joked about this with an uber cropped cut-out of the eyes on Twitter, but YUP. I FINALLY SAW PROMARE. AND LOVED IT. ^_^;; And stole a solution for a stylistic problem with wanting my Sonic's eyes to glow and...

Fuck it. My eyes to glow.


I’d had plenty of partial shifts before. They just happen sometimes, and you deal with them…well, if you’re me. It’s not like just everyone has late-onset, “Oh hey, I guess you can do this now, too,” power breakouts. Okay, that’s an oversimplification, but whatever. The point is, though I like both of my true forms and had been in confusing, gestalt combinations of them plenty of times by accident…this was the first time I’d attempted an intentional partial shift.

I blushed, shuffling on unfamiliar-feeling hooves, looking at my sleek body in the tall door mirror…very tall, from this perspective…I was still mostly my usual hedgehog self…though it didn’t look like it when so much of my height was leg, like this. My head, neck, and torso were unchanged, except for the short alicorn on my forehead. My arms and legs from shoulders and hips were now slim, sleek unicorn’s limbs, ending in delicate cloven hooves. My tail was longer than normal, and decorated with a plume of silvery hair. Before shifting, I’d tied a rope halter on over my muzzle, and the sensation of being on all fours, on these four graceful limbs, wearing the trappings of someone’s beloved pet, shot fluttering thrills through me.

I shuffled the—my—forehooves, entranced with the odd sensations of feeling the floor through their soles while mentally being mostly hedgehog. When I was fully unicorn and in unicorn shift, it still felt good, but it also simply felt right, normal. Right now, like this, it was unusual. It was novel. It was alien…and it was also sexy as hell.

I looked at the closed door in front of me and blushed, awkwardly shuffling to the knob in my four long, coltish limbs. I felt limited in a way I didn’t experience when four neat hooves was what I was supposed to have, when unicorn was what I was supposed to be. I lifted a forehoof and splayed my cloven toes, eyeing the handle. Like this, something as simple as opening the door would be difficult, in a way it wasn’t ever, normally. Something about having my mind expect to use my paws, and having the long, delicate forelegs stretching from my wrists instead forestalled my usual ease. A shiver ran through my spines, out my longer tail, as I bowed my head and blushed.