Enjoying the Sights by Silver557

Enjoying the Sights by

Date: 2/11/2009 Views: 16928 Favorites: 140 Comments: 10

Cursed Location
Snow Leopard

A certain girl strolling around a snowy landscape feels more attached to it than usual....man, I suck with colored pencils. Especially stupid brands found down here ><.


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Wow... I REALLY like this pic... I just love them snowy critters. :)


If you somehow ever managed to do a picture using Crayons...I'd have absolute respect for you. And I wouldn't criticize yourself on this, Nothing wrong with using colored pencils and the traditional forms of art, being an old fashioned artist myself.


That I would call a work of art. And what Wrathofautumn said; if you did this with some cheap Crayons, I have sheer respect to you. Like the pose, I do.


Personally, I stick with an old stanby: I use Crayolas. Yes, the leads break maddeningly often, but for the price, I can't beat the vivid color I get. The only two non-Crayola colored pencils I use are fleshtone and a Colorless (which I use as an eraser) both my Berol.


Zax: But the awesomeness of prismacolors are unparalleled! O:


Wow, I'm actually honored now xD. I'm thinking of getting some prismacolors soon though, as everyone says it's the best...just need to wait my salary. lol


You meant to say "Man, i'm awesome at color pencils" right?


I like it. I think this is very nice. Certainly has a 'cold' feeling to it. May I recomend you try Prismacolors? Those are the color pencils I like to use. A tad pricey, but worth every penny.


Beautifully done.


I'm adding my huzzahs, Silver! A truly excellent pic! I've added it to my collection and faved it too!