AmiTF by Shiro

AmiTF by

Date: 10/31/2004 Views: 37165 Favorites: 158 Comments: 17


Ami finds herself Transforming in the school hallway. the most recent pic on my now fully functional website :)


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Very nice, ^_^ Keep up the good work. ^_^

^_^ StealthWolf-SS ^_^


Shiro, your work ROCKS! Please keep it comming.


Very nice indeed. The muzzle seems sort of oddly shaped, but the expression is priceless.


Nice to see ya back.. and another very nice piece of art. Keep up the great work!


Very nice pic! Although her human self kind of looks foxish with the hair I still give this a 10/10.

Great to see you back!


what rashtah said, the paws are cool. thank god someone uploaded in time for halloween! : )


Love the feet. The hair looks a little odd with the skunk tail - looks more foxish, bit of a contrast which you may have been going for...


Paws are good, but if Ami's legs changed to digitgrade, they has to shrink in some joints.

Muzzle looks artifical because bold line at base. It doesn't need to be such bold.

Right eye absent. It imho would be visible, at least partially

Fur patches in style of "teen wolf" look unnaturally. May be, it needs to become three zones on Ami's skin - pink flesh, growth zone and fluffy zone.

But the whole picture is good. Characrers interact between each other and with background.


Now she got 2 tails. ;)


Actually, that's not another tail; the red thing's her hair, and it's turning white.


I shall be another one to say that I love the paws ^^, I am simply in love with this character of yours Shiro, lol


The feet must GROW! ^^

Very very nice! :)


yes!! I love how you drew the pic I just love it keep up the good work P.S draw more skunk pictures


very good shiro. I would love to see your entire gallery but unfortunately i cannot find your website. Please post it for everyone here to know.


One of my favorites from Shiro. And, yes, the hair is misleading at first glance... but that doesn't matter. Great pic. :)


Shiro, you are a master at this! I just love your work, it's great! btw, wouldn't you love to see that, if you were still at school? ;)


Ami is is one of your best peices, that and Valerie. Sorry if I spelled it wrong.