rave valerie by Shiro

rave valerie by

Date: 2/13/2004 Views: 15565 Favorites: 50 Comments: 3


Valerie's first rave experience was not a bad one. It wasn't until after, when her and her friend got mugged, that she changed to protect her... Unfortunately, this proved to be quite destructive to her tight fitting attire...


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All the really interesting images come in the story! Too bad we can't see the actual transformation instead of the aftermath.


Thats the same girl from your valintins day story!!! Is she the one you draw the most?


I like the part where her best friend finds out that Valerie is a were-rabbit. When she apologizes to her about her clothes, her friend gives a hug and says it's all right about it, and accepts her for being a were-rabbit. Valerie is so happy about this.