Nightfirer dragon anthro by Sevencarpileup

Nightfirer dragon anthro by

Date: 9/4/2010 Views: 16658 Favorites: 101 Comments: 7


This one is sort of a midTF (I know it looks like another post TF >.>) but his shirt has a lil rippy at the back so he did start human :P and Nightfirer has the full dragon version commissioned by a diff artist before I did this one. I have got two commissioned sequences coming but both contian content which isnt allowed here, so I might post censored versions here. Also ZOMG FURAFFINITY ACCOUNT !


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wicked picture great expression, funny gesture 100% added to favourite's ANOTHER TRIUMPH! :D


The sucky part is that furaffinity still won't allow account registrations. . .


Huh, had me thinking this was a bat TF from the thumbnail. I do love dragons, though, even if the rarity makes chiropteran TFs a little more of a treat. I like the little things in this piece, strangely enough, the spectacles most of all.


Snowdemn I made a furaffinity account this morning :O


happy face :)


sevencarpileup What?! *checks* They finally lifted the restriction!! Praise Deity-Of-Choice!!


Woot! Woot! Bout time . . .