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Date: 7/2/2010 Views: 12189 Favorites: 108 Comments: 13


Another request from DA, Dragonaide asked for the tail growing from the spine as opposed to the legs fusing together so thar he grows. YARR, I'm a pirate today.


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It's odd that the fusing-legs approach is more common; this version is just as good. On a side note, I've noticed that a large portion of TransFur artists also have a dA account. I prefer dA, myself, since I really can't draw to save my life; I more often do written art.


I post on both but I seem to get more views here, but more comments on DA, either way its all face time. As for the legs thing, I figure that the legs at least go somewhere if they fuse and become the tail, the way they are now they would have do like... Shrink or shrivel away. That or eventually fuse to the tail and add to its girth.


With that said though, It seems, like deviantart, consecutive images and boobs get more attention than stand alone images with no boobs or nudity. I guess it is the internet after all.


tsk, your negativity depresses me XP Statistically, you might be right, but consider less, and I mean a LOT less, about what gets you attention, and more on what you wish to share. Alot of these folks are looking for cheap, easy gratification that comes from free smut , regardless of what is actually going on in the image. as for sequences, that is actually something worth considering, at least in tf-based artwork: Transformation is a process, and as such, has multiple stages. by illustrating as many of those stages as possible, you feel more in tune with not just how they look, but how the transformation might move or progress. So... I can't really blame getting more hits on sequence work. that does not mean I am good with sequencing... I think its more the opposite, like what you did here:p


Oh, by the way... I write extensive comments on artwork I enjoy or that I otherwise find thought provoking, Because I have personal gripes about getting way more faves or watches than comments indicating why: It makes those folks enjoying your work seem more like statistic points than sentient beings with unique thoughts provoked by your work. I cannot complain like this without making sure I leave my full thoughts (at the time at least) on an image. So consider this text wall a slight bit of payback for any attention you felt you were lacking;)


Last comment, at least for now... actual meat for the picture... The magical effects are exquisite: you can see the way the water waves, swirls, and sprays even in this still image, and its all extremely appropriate for the invoked transformation: water if fluid and swift to change form, and of course, the orca is a sea beast. The changes are pretty well represented (nothing exceptional or terrible, though they are as crisp as anything you made here) And the look of joy on his face makes my heart melt and put butterflies in my stomach: a mix of wonder, jealousy, joy and embarrassment for feeling these things from watching a man transform into a dolphin, I suppose;). I connected with orca's myself... thanks to Dragonaide no less ( though I think he might be pissed I snagged the orca I made for him for myself;p It just hit me too hard not to:p) I think thats it for now: lemme know if I haven't said enough, cuz I can think of more *grins impishly* I usually just restrain myself more.


To me, it looks almost as if his legs are dissolving into water. Don't know if that's correct, but it looks amazing. Nice work.


Lol Sea Cigar youve hit the nail on the head and I lubs you :P But in all seriousness thanks for the wall of kind words and yes I find it much more interesting to hear why people like things so that I may draw from each artwork a feather for my cap.


Woah... I thought for a second that I'd been submitting art I had no recolection of drawing. The white character/Light-blue background combo that I always use seriously threw me for a moment. Cool, though, for sure.


Ive been setting the backgrounds lately to that of DA's colour so it doesnt have a big box outline =3


Yes the right way with the spine. Looks tons better Then the wrong with the fusing of the legs..Thanx..


I'm so glad. As a cetacean enthusiast myself, legs fusing together to become a tail is a bit of a pet peeve. This picture looks amazing and sort of touches on fantasies of mine. Good work!


great expression here, and i love the swirl and motion of the water. :) such a happy picture.