I'm a nice fluffy kitsune in the land down under =3 and I'm trying to branch out as much as possible to get my art to the people who want it :)

Commissions are open and prices:

Headshot/Avatar/Icon: $5-Inks $10-Colour

Bust size: $15-Inks $24-Colour

Full Body: $25-Inks $35-Colour

Comic pages can be done but will be priced based on panels, colour and number of pages.

Sequential images can be done but will be at full body price.

All prices are in American Dollars and I do require payment before I start any work. Prices are negotiable and there are discounts available.

Backgrounds that are more than just a squiggle are extra and will be negotiated with me.

Extra Characters are negotiable but it will increase the price.

As for content of the image, almost anything is fine, I just dont do children, anything using poo or urine and no hard vore (person not surviving the experience). Oh and no sexual violence.


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