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Okay, lets see how this works. This is Dragoniade, a fairly established name and face in the furry community, and known were-dragon. There are no signs of transformation here, but the implications are there. I'm not one for shaking things up, but I'm basically testing what is "right" and "wrong" here. I'm actually rather proud of how this one came out, and with the admittance of certain pure furry images, I feel safe posting a few items that deviate from the typical "only furry AND tf" aspect, as long as the content fits the site (it is an established weredragon...)


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exactly.. I think.. actually iunno.. nevermind.. I'm.. gonna go kill myself or something, that's more fun than debating pointless random crap over whats wrong and right with all these people, ya know what I mean man? you got hte right idea, stir it up man, power to ya, I'm with you.. cept.. I'm kinda..just gonna leave this world..oh btw.. great drawing. like the detail... I guess


Pointless emo aside, I like the image, and don't mind it being posted here. The fact that we can't generally find this stuff has a tendency to make Transfur art a little same-y.


hmm. Previous comment didn't register. shall try again. In all reality, I just wanted an excuse to share what I believed to be one of my prettier pictures. never know who might disagree though. I think things will calm shortly without many problems, if any.


Love your image. I was just at the other certain picture because I've seen many single themed art sites deviate into other themes, and it meant I had to migrate here all those years ago, which I dont regret, infact I'm glad, but I dont think I'll get lucky again if this place meets the same fate and becomes a furry art dump.


I like this one. It has some nice detail to it. well drawn and everything. Kudos!


That is a great drawing. im not usually a fan of black and whites, but the ateention to detail is great.


that guy seems to be a were-whateverijustlookedat-guy nowadays. His most recent standings is on my character concept, a werehyenataur, to which now people are doubt who's concept came first, though originally mine. This picture, is furry. No transformation, nor implied. And nope, just by putting 'were-whatever' in the title shouldn't constitute as implication. Unless part of a sequence, said art should be between 10-90% within the transformation process.


well technically it is a "ware" since it looks like the human side is dominate over the dragon in the picture


It's a very nice picture of a furry. I just don't really see the point of putting it on a Transformation site. Whatever.


If it's popular, it will stay.. no matter if it's against the rules or not. There's many images among this site that are against the rules and aren't taken down because the image is popular or the artist is popular. However, I only imagine that this image will be taken down, because a few higher ups have beef with Dragoniade.


I'd like it taken down for the sake of preserving the fact that this is a transformation art site, not a 'furry' art site. The same problem exists with the previous picture- it's a great picture, sure, but this isn't the place. It's like walking into an exhibit on, say, Da Vinci, and putting up a van Gogh. Yes it's a fine image, but that's not the right place for it.


I put this image up under the context that while it is close to the line vs. pure furry artwork and whatnot, I knew what it was about, and said as such. I feel no regret in having this piece up, because most of my other work follows much more strict rules. How easy would it be for me to add a quick few frames of fingers thickening into claws and a tail sprouting from the rear on the side and calling this a transformation piece? also, dragonaides popularity should be a moot point. Again, if I just called this picture "random Dracoraptor" tf, it wouldn't be contested. my point is, niggling over details is really unnecessary, and liable to cause more damage than good. I'm not doing this to try and get away with more and more freedoms, but rather to show where the line should be drawn. I have no official say-so on the site, and am simply an idealist to a fault, but after this insistance, all I can do is wait and see how things turn out.


on a slightly more positive note... Dragonlord: Ware? is that the official definition? never heard it, but I'll look it up. And I want to thank those who showed an interest in this piece, especially considering its a monochrome picture.


Maybe there should be a "five-percent" rule like in the VCL. That would keep the site focused while allowing enough wiggle room to keep artists happy.


to Rey: Thats PRECICELY what I was thinking, you know? your way of saying it is much shorter and sweeter X>


Can we please not have a flame war? Enjoy the picture and move on. The rules seem to be a bit gray in that area now. I could care less but I would rather not see the argueing.


Sort of a gray area


I'm in agreement with Seacigar. The standards seem to be getting so high, no one really wants to care anymore. :D There's nothing wrong with post-tf pics. The only reason you people are getting pissed is because there's nothing really to jerk off to. :P


I wouldn't doubt your right about most of that Steve, *shudder*. I don't mind if there's stuff like this up here personally because art is personal. I have an incredible ability to avoid what I don't like if I don't like something. In the end, it's not up to us with what stays and what goes, but if you are an artist and are concerned there are other places to post art that still have high traffic to look at your stuff.


A stellar piece, SeaCigar. Dymanic pose, cool facial expression, interesting anatomical detail (i like how round and thick it looks, and the fins on his heads are cool). As for the statement in question: when someone transforms, they end up as something, but might obviously have been something else once; you're just depicting the "ended up": it's a stage of transformation and should be allowed. And frankly, I think arbitrary rules and standards are one thing I find so obnoxious about this fandom; what, they allow infinite chimerism and perversion, but no, if it's not THIS WAY, it shouldn't exist. Half-man-half-animals were around long before this asinine subculture was, and honestly, I distance this entire concept from animal-people from it. They think they can patent the entire ancient idea of anthropomorphism and squeeze it inside its little box? I won't have any of it! They think it's theirs and they can boss it around, but it's as broad as human history, and it belongs to no one!