He Had it Comin' by RushEloc

He Had it Comin' by

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Forced Transformation
Gender Change - Male to Female

Someone's a little genre blind here.

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Hey, at least it's not a Djinn :P Genies are funny when they twist a wish, Djinns are sadistic and cruel.


Djinn are actually the common type of genie that you see depicted such as genie from Aladdin. What you are thinking of is a ifriti.


Actually, I was thinking of Djinns from The Witcher franchise. They'd grant any wish, but they had a mischievous side that was nothing short of sadistic. Most genies would just grant a wish in the literal sense even when they know the wisher's meaning, but Djinns in that series went out of their way to grant wishes in cruel and unforgivable ways. For example, one guy in 3 was in the middle of a storm that was destroying his ship and he wished to be ANYWHERE but there. The Djinn teleported both him AND the ship to the peak of a snowcapped mountain :P


so funny XD also missing the tag of male to female :o


Oop, thanks for pointing that out!


As long as we're bringing up the original folklore, genies/djinn in general aren't necessarily wish-granters. They've got their own lives, and apparently some of them just want girlfriends! This one was a cute example.

TLDR: This picture is better Arabian Nights canon than that Disney movie. =)


This is really cute.


Hilarious. Either the genie really is genre-blind, or he's just plain genius.


I'm honestly laughing pretty hard. Great pun usage.


I hope he can be happy now. It sucks to be alone. Now he doesn't have to be :)


Never say "what?" Always say "No." if you find yourself in one of RE's plots.


If anything I bet he took the fun out of making it that obvious for the genie to warp the wish.

Usually they take enjoyment out of interpreting it but the guy does it on purpose.