Cow Mondays: Caleb by Robertge

Cow Mondays: Caleb by

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Gender Change
Gender Change - Male to Female
Wide Hips

A strange happening seems to be going on!

Monday's are the days where a strange phenomenon occurs, in mostly males.

This phenomenon being that their gender's are switched for the day, their species swapped to that of a cow's!

No one understands how or why it works, but most don't care and just grope themselves anyways.

While out adventuring, calebsilverfox found that his armor was getting tight.

As he inspected, his wardrobe started to fall apart.

Large breasts forcing his top free, his hair becoming back length, his hips making his moment halt, even his shoes started to fall apart as they turned into hooves.

And to top it off, two small horns appeared through his long hair, along with his three tails fusing into one while his muzzle grows and broadens.

By the time it was all over the new bovine warrior decided to head back to town and get to a tailor..

She's definitely going to need a bra.


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i wish cow mondays wear real.


me too dude

udders are cool


wouldn't mind that happening to me.