FBW 2013: Frocta by Robertge

FBW 2013: Frocta by

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Ripped Clothing
Weight Gain

Nothing says exciting bunny rabbit TF weight gain like carrot cake!

Drawn for frocta


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Ginger and jasmine two beautiful thin human girls thought it was time for a change. They booked two places in miss happy bunny's magical baking camp. after two unsuccessful days of flopped cakes and burnt cookies the girls where depressed and miss Bunny as she made everyone call her was furious.

"Girls you can bake at all you cant even beat an egg!" she would scream at poor Jasmine and Ginger who just wanted to have fun and too learn.

"We just suck" Ginger would cry

"We need to show her we can change" Jasmine would state firmly to raise Ginger's spirit

on the last day Miss Bunny was being more prissy then normal.

"Time to turn in you last baked goods" she gloated merrily.

everyone's was nice, sweet and looked yummy except, for poor Ginger and Jasmine.

"girls you cute, sexy, long, and tall but, YOUR THE WOREST STUDENTS I HAVE HAD! you both fail" she harshly scolded the young models. Ginger was in tears and Jasmine was mad.

"LOOK Bitch all we wanted was a



change in our lives! but you ruined it!" Jasmine was seeing red

The two hot girls left for home to think of a new plain.

In the morning the two young girls awoke bathed in sunlight with a huge package at the door.

"To Jasmine and Ginger from Miss Bunny," Jasmine read a loud "Huh, weird" she said looking at the giant carrot cake in the box with two little samples next to it.

"I am scared" Ginger shivered

"lets eat the samples wedding style together" Jasmine said fearless.

So that's what they did.

"That was delicious" they said in unison not realizing their teeth where bucking. They jumped in feeding them themselves and loving every part of it. soon fur started to replace their smooth silk skin and little tails puffed out oh their rears. They never noticed. Their flawless little noses shrank to that of a hare's and ears elongated. They never noticed they just ate. Hands and feet morphed into paws and weight started to


(continued again)

gain. first pants started to give way, the tummy and then then the whole shirt just gave way to the new weight of the now bunny girls who where once thin, cute, human ones.

Ginger noticed what they had became. By now you couldn't tell they where once human at all.

"UH... Jasmine?" she squeaked ", I think that the cake is bad"

Jasmine looked up at her and smiled then looked at herself and smiled. Her and Ginger locked eyes has there brains clicked.

They got their change they wanted! Soon fear was over ran with joy and happiness. They went out and celebrated with of all things. Carrot Cake.

sorry I got bored and this came to me it wasn't meant to go this far but oh well right? and yeas I know they are mistakes don't judge