seneca commish SML by Proxer

seneca commish SML by

Date: 6/28/2010 Views: 19758 Favorites: 107 Comments: 13

Raven and Crow

Three's a crowd. Or is it a flock? Either way, Rio doesn't seem to mind them, though. In fact, he's rather partial to making them. The line art for a colour commission for seneca.


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Haha, it's him. This polly really is crackers.


omg nice work.


... now, I KNOW these aren't pidgeons, that much is obvious. But take three birds and stick them together and I immediately think of the Goodfeathers... Since they're crows/ravens, making this technically a murder, I think the reference still sticks... kinda. *Twisted logic*


lol nice work i love the detail


Jimmy Buffet fans, obviously. :)


Reminds me of juma's work


*nods at eala a moment* Yeah, Seneca seems cool all around *delayed wince from the pun finally kicks in*... gh-g-bah... I also agree with Sechran: depending on what bird type these are, there could be any number of bizarre group names for them:) Its a fun concept to think about.


A raven, a maccaw, and a bluejay respectively.


Ah, I made my determination based on the catagory I found it in, not actually going so far as to move beyond the first hit under crow/raven. >>;


I wonder if Rio takes requests with that staff? :)


I'll find a way to mix/bastardize the flock names together;) Still, balanced selection of creatures: two parrots, and two corvids: I myself prefer Corvids, but choosing a favorite parrot, I'd probably choose a Cockatoo: their crests are too cute, and I've met far more good natured ones than ill natured. Still somewhat random though, a trait seen rather frequently in any intelligent creature. Oh! and I absolutely love the thick, broad tail surging in growth on the right subject: A bird's tail is paramount for flight as much as its wings are, and that comes across with the anatomical emphasis:D


Wow, I love love love this! :) Really cute and funny - love the glasses falling off the bluejay there. And such fluffy feathers! I'm liking how you can tell they're different types of birds, too, what with the crest on the 'jay and the rounded bill on the macaw, etc etc. Good show. :)


the macaw seems 2b handeling it better than the other 2.