Ltflallen by PickleJuice

Ltflallen by

Date: 11/24/2009 Views: 11791 Favorites: 40 Comments: 5


LTF Allen. This is the guy who started the LTF universe. I changed some of the shading on him in this pic. I think he looks better.


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Yes.... LTF kind of left some mental scars at the time with a lot of people, so before anyone here asks what it is, let's draw a discrete veil over the topic and say no more about it, eh?


What does LTF stand for again? I remember seeing the LTF related pics before.


I dunno what drama surrounds it, but here's a link to it:


I remember seeing Picklejuice's pictures of it when I first discovered this site and not knowing the story behind it. What about it caused "mental scars"?


Maybe he doesn't like lizards.