Foxy Free by PickleJuice

Foxy Free by

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He hears rustling in the bushes.

It's late, he's out in the desert alone, and his biggest weapon is a frisbee he found..

"hmm?" Howard said while holding the frisbee.

"Your friends aren't in that direction." comes a voice from the bushes. He doesn't know for sure, but it might be right..

"What?" Howard said looking around.

He thinks he sees a glint of a pair of eyes in the harsh prickly scrub brush. The eyes blink, and he knows something is there.

"..." Howard stays quiet trying not to draw attention to himself, considering he could be in danger.

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The artwork is remembering me by a foto, where a guy is holding a smiling fox in his hands. :)


reminds me of... ....... Ron ron.