Walt-Reindeer-G by PickleJuice

Walt-Reindeer-G by

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Liquid Latex

Its dec the 19th and you answer an add online saying that Vixen the female anthro latex reindeer had broken her leg, and that Santa need a willing male to be changed into her replacement for the rest her life.

The interview process goes well. You know of 8 other guys trying to get in, and you are happy to get chosen for the second round of interviews

"This interview is with the costume." The elf says, presenting the shiny latex costume to you.

it sounds a little strange, but you guess what he means is to see if the costume fits.

You slip your feet in to the legs, and push your toes into the high-heeled "hoof" shoes at the end

Clip clop! You stand up and take a few swaying steps before smiling. It's starting to really feel like you have a handle on the walking-in-heels thing.

The elf nods and says, "And the rest. Pull it up and put it on. I'll zip you up in the back.

You pull the shiny tan and white plastic costume up, and push your hands into the long sleeves.

Pullling the costume up, you see two pert breasts on the front. You wiggle your fingers into the hoof-hands and press the breasts into your chest.

Thop! They stick there. You tug on one breast, and it doesn't seem to want to come off.

Before you can process that fact, ZZZIP! The elf zips you up, then climbs down off the little ladder he used to do it.

The shiny latex sticks to your legs, sides, and arms. Skintight, you see every edge and bulge of your manly body... except for the twin breasts poking out.

You spin around to look at yourself in the mirror, and see shiny sexy legs clip-clopping around in excitement, and delicate girly hoof-hands nervously twitching, held out from your shiny latex body.

Your body changes. The hard edges soften, and the hips FFT like the sound of a balooon. They widen, shining in the light.

You stumble a little, the configuration of your legs slightly off than what you normally remember.

You gasp, trying to genuinely get your breath, and hear your voice has changed to that of a woman's. Oh! OH!!!

The transformation doesn't stop with your hips. It jitters up through your skin - your new shiny latex skin.

Reeling from the feelings of change, you nervously remember this is a permenant change. Your eyes grow wide and wild, circling around in sudden realization.

Looking down, you see your new hoof hands, your hoof feet, your shiny new womanliness. Yours. For ever.

You feel your own skin, rubbing it not sure if it's really real.

The latex costume didn't have a head. You look in the mirror and the elf explains. "The rest will be all up to you. Accept it, and you'll change all the way. Reject it, and you can go home. This is your final interview."

You take a few more breaths with your new girly voice, and touch your still- human head one last time.

"Yes. Change me." You hear yourself say. You don't feel like you couold have stopped yourself. It was meant to be. Becoming a female latex reindeer.

At your command, the latex seeps upward, overtaking your neck and back of your head, absorbing the hair.

The latex covers your mouth and nose for a moment and you feel a sudden stab of panic before holes open up in the latex for you to breathe

You feel your mouth pushing out, a delicate female reindeer face.

Your eyes grow larger and prettier.

Reindeer, being the only deer in which both sexes have antlers, means you grow two small horn buds on your head.

The horn buds jut out of your head, and you feel a pressure behind them. They both extend out, two small horns coming out of your head.

You smile, and watch them branch, surge, and grow more.

You feel the growth one more tiime, and the horns branch once more. You're a six-point reindeer!

You feel your face mold into more of a reindeer shape, and you watch as the final changes take place.

You're a female latex reindeer!

The elf opens the door, and you see the other male candiates have transformed too. You're a complete set! Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and the rest!

You all hug, and the elf leads you to where santa wants you.


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Ooh, the story and picture are so sexy! The succumbing to the change is very well described.


Dat sexy picture.

Dat sexy story.

I wouldn't mind taking the role of a sexy rubber reindeer for Christmas~


Oh, wow, poor Vixen, though.