Adf Hydra Suit Freedom by PickleJuice

Adf Hydra Suit Freedom by

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Wearing the large suit was deceptive. She was *supposed* to look like a monster, wearing it. But it was, and still is, just a skin-tight leathery suit with claws, tail, and two fake heads. She left it unzipped just an inch in the front.

As the night wore on, her body changed under the suit, bulging outwards and connecting new tissues. She enjoyed strutting around the party, the looks from the other costumed people growing more and more disturbed.

"Did she always have claws like that?"

"No horns at the start of the party. When did she put them on?"

"I think the left head just moved."

"I brushed it - it curled around my arm. Amazing articulation. I didn't even hear any motors. How did she make that tail?"

"Did you see that? Her hair parted and a fan just rose and lowered! How did she...?"

"Uh... that's..."

"No way."

"Her torso..."

"AAH! It bit me!"

She could feel the two other minds of the hydra heads awaken in her consciousness, and decided it was time to go.

A quick walk down the nearby bike path, and she stood one foot on the concrete, and one in the grass by the woods.

One step into freedom.

Image is a commission from ADF on FA. I made up the text here, but he'll have a different take on it, I'm sure. :)


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I want a sequence!!! XD


You know, not enough hydra tf's out there. Or other multi-headed creatures for that matter.


This is awesome. I really want a costume like that.


That is so awesome. I would also like a costume like that!


Very original idea, loved how everything turned out too


Ditto everyone! awesome job.


It would be a great sequence.


awesome, would like that to happen to me