Iron Wolf 1: The Bank - COMPLETE 20 page comic by PickleJuice

Iron Wolf 1: The Bank - COMPLETE 20 page comic by

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Iron Wolf is the story of a man who keeps transforming. Little by little, his humanity drains away and is replaced by the wolf within.

Although he knew who changed him, he did not seek revenge. But his pacifist nature has already eroded, and now he hunts the city, looking for the one who did this to him.

Here is the cover page for issue 1, The Bank. Iron wolf howls from the roof of the bank, frustrated at having searched through the whole city and not finding his prey.

To the few police cars and media directly outside, his howl confirms that something is indeed happening inside the bank.

It took me about 12 years to finish Iron Wolf, and I started it about 20 years ago. I cut my teeth on this project.

More issues are available at Drunk Duck: or my own web site:


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Yeah!!!!! First comment!!! :) :) :)


awesome comic wish i couldd


sorry ment to say i wish i could draw comics like that truly great work


i like this comic


Very cool


without comment, I hope some day follow the project


is there a way to zoom in that I am not seeing? I cant read it!! too smal!! =(


First use "View Image" then zoom it! The comic looks good...


Where is 'View Image"?


The 17th page is posted in place of one of the Office Bitch (I think, might be Subject to Change) pages on your comic site. I think I posted there that something was off, but I didn't know what the wrong page came from. Came from Iron Wolf, I see.


BobTWOpointOH: um. so I guess there's no way to contact you other than through comments. So. I think I know what the problem is and I think it's fixed. Please try re-loading the page or provide me with a directl link to the issue. thanks!