ADF-Honey-Wasp-TF-sm by PickleJuice

ADF-Honey-Wasp-TF-sm by

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Her breasts are pressed against the cold metallic table. A new pair of completely insect legs are puncturing through her human abdomen, squirm over the edges of the table. She is not used to controlling such alien limbs.

She is frankly drinking the fluid, addicted and constantly needing more, despite it clearly being the source of her body's changes. Her insect arms are crudely trying to steady the tube, her whole hybrid body squirming in an effort to get more. She isn't pleased about what is happening to her body, but she needs to keep drinking it.

And just now, she has noticed you. Her eyes looking your direction as her insect mouth parts drip with the sticky fluid. You observing her full form. Just for a moment, her mind leaving her cravings and considering what you may be thinking of the way she looks.

(Picture is clearly very disturbing, but I can't identify any adult themes in this, only horrific themes. Horror is only adult when obvious bodily physical harm is shown, and this does not. Sure, the person is restrained, but ... I don't know. What do you think?)


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Weird in a good way. :-)




dont really get it but kool


She's turning into a wasp by the fluid she is drinking. what's not to get? :P


I like it.


awesome! nice concept!


There are not enough Insect Transformation images on this site... no offense to any of your guys' Fursonas, but there's too many Wolves. :c


I LOVE THIS. So refreshing to see an insect TF. The artwork is very, very well done. Cudos.


Reminds me of april from TMNT turning into a wasp.. Cool...!!!




This should be continued. :)

I agree with HeartlessAngel.


I agree with el wolf


Great art though wasps are predator they generally doesnt make honey, would be good if you change it into a bee.