Eye Of Bestet by Okamaru

Eye Of Bestet by

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With this I am pleased to announce that i am now starting commissions as well as a fur affinity account. Everything is all set up and ready to go!

Now on to the Art

The Eye of Bestet is a treasure like know other with bestowing cat like prowess and abilities to it's owner along with a couple of other things.....it's the score of the century for any Cat Burglar leading to much good fortune and wealth to it's owner/wear.


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she sexy

i like it

can i get the eye of bestet X D


Love the pose and expression. Saying "Yeah. This happened to me. Not giving it up anytime soon, so deal with it." while being quite sexy :D


Hmm….. considering that Bastet was a protector of the hearth and home, it might be thought that She wouldn't look favorably on burglars.

Perhaps she might be steered into using those skills for security work? 7@=e


that's true but it's mostly the cat prowess and abilities that burglars are looking for :P, not really meant to be taken for what Bastet really stood for o.O. but the security work, works too :P


I think the idea is that the artifact has certain attributes which led to it being named after Bastet by those who found it, rather than actually having been enchanted, blessed, or created by Bastet herself.


A fun picture! Kind of tough to be inconspicuous while you look like that, but then if you're a good enough thief they won't see you anyway. Wonder if the transformation comes with the outfit.