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oooh, when can we expect more from this :O


DOG ? I agree with Rashktah :d


Ooh, cant wait!


I'm on the edge of my seat here.


your role is DRAGON!


hmmm with your standard of art you could mke this an increadably good one, if you pull off the story that is...


Great style - but wouldn;t she rather have a horsie-back ride? (Yeah, we're all rooting for our personal favorites)


So far i think this shouldbt have been posted NO TF lol though nice style


I know how this will turn out... Looks interesting. Can't wait for more!


A promissing start.


yes, very promising!


liking this already


Wow...that is one scary sister. Like that little kid off Twilight Zone. I'd hate to get on the wrong side of her. O.o


the kid looks quite ominous on the second page there.


Her lips scare me.


If she said wolf... I'd love to a little sister. lol


This is the same "sister" from "Both Sides", isn't it? She seems to have the "foxface" expression in both sequences. Perhaps she is a kyuubi no kitsune in disguise?


Thats a long sequence, looking forward to how it goes


It's all his fault for not getting her interested in My Little Ponies. Just hope that she is not a 'responsible owner' - nuetering could carry over!


Wow! One of the best tf comics in the last time...


deffently needs to be 1 or 2 pages longer. great job


Cant wait for the next pages. Your art is nice,


I like where this is going as well...keep it up!


Mary: too innocent to be evil. Too young to understand the violation she's inflicting. "But I/we were just playing!"


Wow...that is a rough housing child. I feel more sorry for the dog. If that were me, I'd feel the urge to bite her.


Crazy girl. wonder how she was before this game, certainly took the guy by surprise


Ok this is starting to look really good lol. Would love to have this sister though i would prefer she likes horses


I'm glad you are lengthening it.


Brilliant !


I simply adore how evil this sequence is.


whatever you do... don't play duck duck goose with her... PS: husky - my favorite kind of dog. Sweet =^_^=


I'm definitely enjoying this a lot. Your storytelling and art go great together. ^^ I've been checking several times a day for the next part to come. ^^


^^ Same here, takara/


Very nice TF going on, and the girls singing just adds to it.


I wonder, is his mond changing... or only his body? Either way, he seems like he is ready to pounce.


I'm not sure if the spelling errors in panel 6 are errors or meant to indicate a childish mindset and kiddie chant. I find it distracting, myself. I love the art and the sequence, though, and his reactions are great. And there's still more to come!


I love it especially the little chant making it feel like the reason of the transformation.


I really like this sequence, but , who uses telegraphs? typo me thinks


very good sequence love the story that this follows


Engrish adds humor to this awesome comc imo.


Engrish or not, that idiot child better be on guard. The dog looks like it's bite is worse than it's bark!


you're an amazing artist.


Something tells me that this child is neither a child, nor an idiot... nor innocent. Remember the last piece's commentary: "My sister is not my sister!"


Splode into dog!


Engrish is a LITTLE distracting...


I don't think he's getting angry in the image 6, but more like backing away, frightened. He still has his mind ("My hand..."), but I think that'll soon be changed as well. Imagine changing into a dog, whilst constantly being told you're a dog. Still a shame though: I'd like it more if he would keep his mind, and will just act like a dog to keep her happy, in the hope he'll change back.


Your Art is amazing!


lol i agree cerune.... though i wouldnt want it lol,,, Your role ishorse >.<


wish i was him ...


Alas, it seems the events have turned so that he won't play with her... :(


gui me too :) lol


I really like how his speech fell apart on page 7. And thank you for fixing the text on page 6, too.


uhhh, dramatic turn! <3


Ouch. Kicking the dog




this one is SOOO cool i can barely wait for the next few pages


"Mary's" expression is much older.


The characters' apperance reminds me of an anime I've watched. I wonder which manga/amine inspired their images.


That's not Mary? He's been screwed over by a stranger.


idbe pretty POed and i would show her what happens when you betray a canine. lets put it this way it would be a bloody mess. but besides that i like tha art and the story so FAV's


Wonder what Mary turned into in exchange for her shape.


wow she'll be dead meat after my transmation XD but overrall excellent ART!!


A very fun sequence, looking forward to how it ends... but the english is terrible.


this is AWSOME plz plz make more like this one Maybe even with the same characters


Actually like the broken English, as it works well with the child-like evil doer. Sort of has this sweet innocent, and yet Rosemary's baby feel too it.


So...if that's not Mary...then where's the real mary? and who or what is this person? Some kind of changeling?


Just telling you, I called it. Although she says "I'm not a...", so I'm rethinking my original thoughts. Still, she's holding what looks like foxfire, which would suggest "kitsune". Ah well.


It would be neat to see a prequal to this as to what happened to the real Mary.


Aww, dont like when they lose all there humanity




So, this is someone possessing Mary? Or is it a mutual arrangement...


one last...spell


Wow, it's almost a DOUBLE TF!


It's definitely possesing her. Seems like the real mary is pretty pissed off and is distracting or yelling, while the dog is barkng. Then the demon does what the real mary doesn't want, makes the xformation into a dog complete by taking his humanity away.


It is a double TF. :P She's age progressing.


It's really a magnificent sequence...! but I agree with Yargo... it's a pity that Michael loses his humanity... would find it better if he's still aware of being a dog...


Actually having him lose his humanity, is probably one of the most humane things she's done. Just think of it, a human mind trapped in an entity that isn't human. He can't do anything human in this form. He would still have to deal with all of these canine instincts flooding his mind, and eventually it would snap. As a complete dog through and through, he will at least be happy and content.


Being robbed of everything, every memory, slave to instincts that make no sense except for the moment... That last instant of humanity is the greatest loss. It is death.


I agree Zax. When a person loses all his memory, personality, everything. That person is dead. alphanubilus raises a good point about happiness, but he still, well, dies in the process. So it's not really him that's happy, it's a dog. Personally, I would rather be tormented by having a dogs body, than lose my entire life. I might be biased at that 'cause I'm a furry, but I think others would agree.


and your right pete thats one of my worse fears death while still living. not something i would wish on anyone though i have to admit its his fault for not taking her out before she could finish him (sorry for the MK pun) lol


I agree with Pete on this one.


This is a good comic. Thank you for making it. ^^


Creepy. That's all I'll say on this matter about the idiot child and the dog...


Hehehe, everyone here already took the words out of my mouth. This is like death itself, and whoever was possessing mary at the time just killed off her brother, in an abstract sense. Why do I get the feeling Mary's going to wake up not realizing what happened and will have a happy dog there licking her face?


I can agree that while this may not be the happiest sequence when you analyze it, it's definitely good because it's one that has created a lot of discussion... and civil discussion at that! It's still a great sequence, though, and I still anticipate the final page. We've got to hand it to Nojo, he's definitely made a piece with some impact here. My only regret as far as this goes, is I'm of the impression he doesn't read the comments... or perhaps doesn't speak enough English to... but in the chance he does read the comments and can read English well enough... I definitely have to say thanks. ^^ It's somewhat rare to see new artists, and even more rare to see new artists that post a sequence that makes you think right off the bat. ^^


work on your gramer... but grate art


Nice job on the art! Also, Duhad, that's really ironic. Complaing about grammar when yours is worse.


Great comic... tragic...but great... I love the final look in the eyes of the dog. Docile, timid, and loyal. NOW getting back to what I was saying earlier. I don't see his final transformation as a death. His memories, his feelings, his whole being would be transferred to that of a dog. He would still recognize his sister, his parents, but the nature of their relationship would be different. He wouldn't see them in exactly the same light, per say. He would still have some self awareness, but only to an extent that would be needed run a dog's brain. It is a sad situation regardless.


Excellent sequence, I would like to know the 'story' behind it. As for Michael, I think he is better off as a full dog. I disagree with him being 'dead' - as long as his awareness is still there, he is just simplified. In some ways it is as if he has been regressed to a small child, unaware of troubles or worries of the future. Just as well, since he may have the dog's life span. He will be happy in his new life, which is he best that can be hoped for him now.


This is good so the little girl is possesed or something and then destroys someone the girl holds dear to her. Zax, another story I read by Provovere called Another dog gone day reminds me of this story.


nice comic :) you should do more. trust me, you;re good. jsut maybe need to do a little more work to avoid the Engrish, but aside from that, it's great :)


its great until the end... she looks almost sad .__.


What that I would be the entity that torments and degrades the one that did this, to him or to so many. I would enjoy her destruction and her degrading into less than what she thinks she should be. I would not be bitter, but be the deliverer of the hatred she showed him in snuffing out his life, as he understood it, back upon her. But it still is tragic that someone/something would think itself mighty enough to destroy yet think nothing of them reaping what they sew. Poor souls, both of them.


Not the happiest, sequence, as many have pointed out, but I must admit that I'm glad we got something that isn't considered 'adult', but still got a lot of response. Great job!


I like this style of TF great Job


My, my, how this would make for an interesting story. I tend to disagree with the observation that turning into an animal is equivalent to death, mainly because it's something we can't experience and then testify about afterward, in real life. Of course, that's true of death itself, too. Nonetheless, I choose not to be terrified of the unknown, myself. The essence of what divides a human from an animal is another interesting question to consider, especially for those such as ourselves, in the TF community. That said, great TF--has the potential for an interesting story.


A very nice sequence. Great work!




I don't understand the story behind it ... and it's just too sad to be interesting. I agree with the sentiment others have shared ... if you erase all of the persons memories and personality ... that person is DEAD ... and a new being entirely now exists in a body molded from their former flesh.


I feel that there i still a little bit of michael in that dog. Despite what the "thing" did to him. There's still some of his old hair on the dog's head. What else could still remain in his newly transformed self?


To me it appears at the end as it whatever was inside Mary left, I get the feeling I can see Mary returning to herself and realizing what may have happened. This was such an amazing comic, thank you for sharing, very different from many ides I've seen. I'd love to see more...


Perhaps Mary feels sorry, that she wished for a dog to play with her ... so the moral is : Be careful what you wish for... ;-)


"Being robbed of everything, every memory, slave to instincts that make no sense except for the moment... That last instant of humanity is the greatest loss. It is death." I agree completely. He has lost everything that makes him him and i don't think he kept his memories. As far as Mary it seems she made the childish mistake of dealing with some form of demon and it ended up costing her her brother. I am not convinced that the demon has left Mary completely but maybe is lying dormant inside of her right now. Overall a great sequence and an even better storyline.


great work. :]


Exquisite artwork in the final page. Very manga. Very emotive. 有難う 御座います


I believe I can agree with Nicodemus. Perhaps it is a misguided wish,She asked the wrong god or spirit for the wrong thing or did it out of greed or envy..and Zhazam. :o Bye Older Brother..


The end is pretty creepy... I like TF, but that kind of thing freaks me out... Losing everything about yourself... I like changes of body, not of mind...


I agree, I like TF where you still can speak and have humanity




Check this I'm pretty sure he doesn't have permission to use your art work.


Looking back at it I think whatever's possessing her starts to take over when he scratches her face


Really great TF!!! The ending is a little disappointing, but great job. One thing that I noticed is that the girl looks like the one that lives on my street. She's even just as creepy. Remind me to avoid her LOL!


I love it! I uhm.. *blushes* Would love to have this happen to me.


Consider: Frank is 20. He is a drifter. He gets in an accident. He loses his memory. After recovering, he starts a new life. He names himself Robert. Robert has different experiances than Frank. 20 years later. Robert has lived a different life than Frank. He started off with nothing, bu tlong ago Frank had something. This makes him more world wearied, hardened. And where is Frank? He's gone. He's been gone for 20 years. And he's not coming back. He died in that accident, and Robert was born. But, if you believe in a person's nature, then deep down Robert is still Frank. His DNA makes up at least a portion of his person, right? Ok, believe that. Now lets look at Michael. With his memory goes his nurture. With his body goes his nature. Then he is completely gone. Dead. A dog is born. Let's name him Michael... in memory of the lost. --- Having said that, great work! I love her neutral expression in panel 5. And the ending is so full of emotion.


good point projects.


I thought she didn't want to get rid of michael.


wow to lose ones humanity is horrable. personaly i wouldn't care that much as long was could become a fox ill be happy.


i love it but i must argue that when she says dog has no humanity she never says he has no memorry and percides what is humanity is it so we can dress up in clothes and say were not animals because deep down we are all acting like a human


At first, i thought she is really erasing his memory. But the expression on the faces of both ... I think she regret in the last moment and does not erase his memory, stopping before finishing with the humanity of his brother, the dog is not submissive, he are confused watching his sister stopped at the last moment.


I wish this happened to me


I think this is The Best TF ever.


1) Like a children play.

2) Foul!

3) He really would be a dog!

4) Muzzle, tail and fur. Whaha!

5) Paws! Beautiful!

6) Finally, he is a dog! Oh my f***ing grill, i want too!

7) Yes, dogs can't talk.

8) ... And...???

9) She killed him. Lol. Terrible! If i have chance to turn into a German Shepherd i would do it, but only when i save my humanity and I would have, after few days turn back. And then turn back into a dog :3


She really did...its emotion I've never seen here. Stunning work.


Wow so many comments


まりちゃん! なにですか?

(Mary! What is this?)

(literally, Mary, little! What is?)


The conversation occurring in the comments section has deep philosophical meaning and should be pondered on a picture related to philosophical meanings. Go find some Hakuna Matata tf to talk about this on.


Quite rude of her to just turn him into a dog like that!


very good!