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Date: 9/24/2006 Views: 24682 Favorites: 126 Comments: 9


A quickie I did trying to think of wintertime blues.... Young maiden goes into the forest to meet with her lover, only to be cursed to walk the earth as a creature of myth instead. Thought about the last unicorn movie (since I wanna watch my dvd of it), thought she'd be so lonely, trapped in a strange new form.


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she's a very pretty lil beastie, she shouldn't be sad.


aw, I remember that movie. Had it on VHS, but the tape broke. x.x I dig that pose: very subtle, and still very... solid, I suppose would be the right word. n.n


balance is a little off, but I can easily imagine her leaning against an undrawn tree or something for support :) I love the floofy tail especially.


this is a great pic, nice job. could be better with a muzzle but it'll still look fine the just the way it is. again nice work. ;)


Adorable, yet melancholic... my attention is drawn towards those eyes. Very good.


when the first breath of winter - through the flowers it's icing - and you look to the north - and a pale moon is rising ...


Wow, she's gorgeous. I'd be willing to walk to the ends of the world to meet her....


So soft, so innocent, so cute. So lovely...


so, what's the name of the movie?